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Card payments for Taxis

We are moving toward a cashless society, utilising contactless technology via card or mobile device to make payments. The majority of customers booking Taxis expect to be able to make contactless payments. Don’t miss out on potential customers, request your FREE card reader today.

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Don’t miss out on potential customers

In today’s increasingly cashless society, offering card payment options is crucial for taxi businesses. iCabbi’s taxi dispatch system integrates seamlessly with card payment readers, ensuring you never miss out on fares due to payment limitations.

Stay Ahead with Taxi Card Payment Readers

The Shift to Cashless Transactions

  • Rising Card Usage: In 2020, over half of all transactions were made with credit or debit cards*, a trend that has continued to grow. Cash usage is decreasing by approximately 15% annually, marking Britain’s shift towards a cashless and contactless society.

Benefits of Card Payments:

  • Speed and Convenience: Payments are faster without the need to count change.
  • Reduced Fraud Risk: Minimise the risk of counterfeit money.
  • Increased Fare Opportunities: Cater to passengers without cash.
  • Hygienic and Safe: Contactless payments are more hygienic, reducing physical contact and the risk of theft.
  • Seamless Integration with iCabbi: Prices are automatically transferred from the Driver App to the terminal and payment information is sent back to iCabbi, recorded in booking and payment reports.
  • Quick Payment Processing: Payments to drivers can be made within 24 hours or go towards their driver rent, all fully configurable.

Card Payment Terminal Features:

  • Contactless and Mobile Payments: Supports Apple Pay, Google Pay and Chip & PIN.
  • In-vehicle Advertising: Each unit comes with three in-vehicle stickers to promote card payment availability.
  • Easy Connectivity: Connects via Bluetooth to the iCabbi Driver App.
  • Direct Payment Handling: Payments are sent directly to your Stripe account, used for other iCabbi products.

Keeping Up with Industry Standards

For taxi firms competing with ride-hailing giants like Uber, having taxi card payment facilities is essential. It ensures relevance to customer demands and enhances the overall driver experience.

What’s Included in Our Offer?

  • Free Pin Pads: Offered to fleets committed to providing passengers with taxi card payment options.
  • Transaction Requirements: Fleets must average 20 transactions per PIN Pad per month to avoid a small charge.
  • Driver Ease: Only 5 card jobs a week per driver are needed to meet the transaction requirement.

Plus you can get your card payment device for FREE!**

For more information on integrating card payment solutions into your taxi dispatch systems UK, call us at 01623 44 22 11 or email enquiries@icabbi.etgl.co.uk.

*Source for data: UK Finance Payment Markets Summary 2021

**Fleets must average 20 transactions per PIN Pad per month, or we reserve the right to administer a charge of £2.99 + VAT per month per PIN Pad. For example, if 10 devices are supplied, the fleet is expected to complete at least 200 transactions (10 PIN Pads x 20 jobs). Your drivers simply need to complete 5 card jobs a week.