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Discover iCabbi

iCabbi give you the tools you need to deliver outstanding customer service, to cut costs, to automate a high percentage of bookings and to compete with peer-to-peer apps like Uber. All backed with outstanding UK based customer support.


Discover how iCabbi will help your taxi business to grow. iCabbi will promote efficiency and automation of most aspects within your business, including bookings, dispatch and business management/analysis.

Thanks to a fully cloud-based system, you can enjoy a no-download, fully backed up automated dispatch system, preventing downtime and risks involved with handling customer data. iCabbi is also dedicated to providing its customers with 24 hour, high quality support based right here in the UK.

iCabbi Dispatch Engine is a taxi software which will help your business

Dispatch Engine

The Dispatch Engine is the ‘brain’ of the Taxi 360 platform. It’s responsible for translating your fleet operators’ knowledge into rules that intelligently match supply and demand.
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iCabbi taxi dispatch management software helps to improve your business

Dispatch Management

The iCabbi system is the most advanced cloud-based taxi dispatch system in the world. Our feature rich, automated dispatch system will match the offerings of any of the market leading solutions.
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iCabbi insights will make life easier for taxi business owners


Manage and act upon real time business intelligence data. End-to-end automation, efficiency, and customer satisfaction with personal login. Remove the data bottleneck and take control again.
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iCabbi iResilience software helpstaxi businesses to assess their software


Your data is hosted on the world-leading Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform. World leading reliability and protection for reassurance. Being cloud-based means you can access the system anywhere and at any time.
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The passenger app is a key part of the iCabbi dispatch system

Passenger App

Our branded passenger apps are developed to suit every fleet. Offer your customers a fast, user friendly, intuitive booking experience. Offers improved automation of your business, as well as better consumer relationships through functionality.
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iCabbi Web Booker is part of the dispatch system

Web Booker

Fully integrated, branded online booking engine, easily adapted to your existing site or as a stand-alone webpage. Allows for end-to-end automation and efficiency, promoting customer satisfaction with a personal login functionality.
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You can get Business Solution software as part of our dispatch engine

Business Solution

Account work can mean big business in the form of monthly recurring revenue for your fleet. So, we’ve developed a product to make growing and servicing account bookings as easy as possible. Your clients want the control and visibility of their taxi costs, while you want to reduce admin at your end, right? Done! The iCabbi Business Solution is a win-win for both sides.
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iCabbi dispatch engine includes Voice APIs

Voice & Phone Solution

Intelligent IVR Technology utilising our market-leading phone system, DiSC. Increased efficiency with customer to driver connectivity and provides a real-time management overview.
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There is also a Driver app for drivers as part of the iCabbi dispatch engine

Driver App

The iCabbi driver app is simple to use and comes with great navigation to make your drivers’ lives easier. This creates happier drivers through efficiency and improved work location.
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For more information call 01623 44 22 11 or email enquiries@icabbi.etgl.co.uk.