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Tips and advice on using the iCabbi Taxi Dispatch Software

Get the best out of your iCabbi taxi dispatch software by viewing our explainer videos. The ETGL team talk about the benefits of having an automated taxi dispatch system and how you can work to keep your drivers happy. If you own a taxi business or are thinking of setting up a taxi company, the iCabbi cloud-based solutions could be the missing piece in the puzzle.

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Avoid overbooking your drivers during busy periods

Avoid overbooking your taxi fleet if there is a flurry of passengers booking journeys. The iCabbi taxi dispatch software allows you to manage your bookings during busy periods. This helps both the passenger side of your taxi operation and the passenger side. It will alleviate panic from your drivers but also ease any concerns from your passengers.

Avoid overbooking your fleet of taxi drivers during busy periods. That’s what the latest ETGL webinar is all about! View it below.

iCabbi surge pricing tools

An automated taxi dispatch engine from iCabbi would boost your taxi business as it can help you to utilise surge pricing. In this video, we discuss how you can make your taxi drivers happy by helping them to make more money. It will also help your taxi business to grow!

Watch our ETGL surge pricing webinar below.


Split invoice commissions using iCabbi taxi solutions

The ETGL team discuss the benefits of using the iCabbi dispatch software to keep your drivers happy. Using split invoice commissions tools, make sure your business is streamlined and is as efficient as it can be.

Check out our webinar on split invoice commissions below.

10 helpful tips to using the automated iCabbi taxi dispatch software

Here are 10 helpful tips to help you through the holiday period if you own a taxi company or are a taxi driver.

Check the video out now!

iCabbi Voice API’s using the taxi dispatch software

Want to learn more about Voice API’s and how they can help your taxi business? Our experts give you a detailed breakdown of how iCabbi is helping to revolutionise the taxi industry…

You can view the ETGL explainer on Voice API’s below.

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