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How iCabbi Makes You More Money

iCabbi helps you to make more money by utilising world leading technology to achieve four key aims.

Each will help you to make more money by reducing costs, growing your customer base and growing your driver numbers.

1. Cutting Your Costs

iCabbi can cut your costs significantly by automating as many bookings as possible. These savings are not theoretical, iCabbi customers see them day in, day out.

Fact: 46% of iCabbi customers book with the customer app, IVR or web booker. The highest rate is 75%.

These high levels of automation are achieved through a combination of your branded customer app, the iCabbi web booking engine, the IVR phone system and the automated account booking procedures.

Together, they significantly reduce staff input and make your business much more efficient, significantly reducing costs.

2. Attracting New Customers

As a local taxi business you have always been able to win new customers through your local marketing and personal service.

But in the age of peer-to-peer apps like Uber and Lyft, customers have really taken to the ability to book a taxi using user friendly apps.

With iCabbi you can compete and win by attracting more new customers with an Uber-beating customer app, a fully integrated (into your website) web booker and an automated phone system that customers love.

Combining technology with great personal service gives you the edge.

3. Keeping Existing Customers

Uber and increasingly your competitors are giving customers a fantastic booking experience through their customer apps.

Whilst it’s true that not every customer will use your app, your web booker or your IVR phone system (some still prefer to speak direct to your operators) – the truth is that your customers can be tempted away if an alternative (such as Uber or a local competitor) offers all of these booking options.

iCabbi allows you to give your customers the best possible booking experience, and to offer the booking option that suits them. That way they aren’t tempted away from your business.

4. Attracting New Drivers

Drivers and customers are the two essential ingredients of a successful taxi business.

iCabbi helps you to attract new drivers (often by word of mouth through your existing drivers) because of these key reasons…

  • Fair Allocation – drivers hate it if they think that other drivers are being favoured with the best jobs. With iCabbi, allocation is automatic, transparent and fair.

A reputation as a fair employer can be like gold-dust when it comes to attracting new drivers.

  • A Great Dispatch System – outdated dispatch systems can be a major cause of upset among drivers.

When your dispatch system works well, your drivers can perform better. Accurate GPS so that pickups are straightforward, a fair way of distributing jobs … simple things that add up to happier, more efficient drivers.

And when they’re more efficient, they can take on more work and make more money.

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