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Fully Cloud-Based Taxi Dispatch System

At iCabbi, we offer a truly cloud-based taxi dispatch system that delivers the flexibility and ease of use your business needs, without the limitations of partial cloud solutions.

The Reality of a 100% Cloud-Based System
Genuine Cloud-Based Accessibility

  • No Software Installation Required: Unlike systems that aren’t fully cloud-based, iCabbi’s taxi dispatch system requires no software downloads, allowing access from any internet-ready device, including those in public spaces or borrowed laptops.
  • Hassle-Free Updates: Our system eliminates the need for time-consuming updates across multiple devices, a common issue with non-cloud or partially cloud-based systems.
  • Ease of Use for Remote Workers: Remote staff can log in and take bookings without undergoing complex installation processes, making it user-friendly for all technological skill levels.
  • Simplified Login Process: iCabbi’s taxi dispatch system UK requires only basic user credentials, ensuring security without the need for extra login details typically required by non-cloud-based software.

Overcoming Limitations of Non-Cloud Systems

  • Unrestricted Use: With iCabbi, you aren’t confined to specific devices or locations. Our system is accessible anywhere, providing true mobility in managing your taxi fleet.
  • Effortless Operation: Say goodbye to the challenges of downloading, installing and updating software. iCabbi’s cloud based taxi dispatch software simplifies your operations, saving time and effort.
  • Support for All Staff: Whether your team is tech-savvy or not, iCabbi ensures ease of access and use, eliminating technological barriers for home workers and remote staff.
  • Enhanced Security: Avoid the security risks associated with additional logon credentials required by non-cloud-based systems. iCabbi maintains high security with simple, straightforward access.

Choose iCabbi for Genuine Cloud-Based Efficiency

With iCabbi’s cloud based taxi dispatch systems UK, experience the full benefits of a true cloud-based system, free from the constraints and complexities of partial cloud solutions.

Request a free demonstration now to discover why iCabbi is the go-to choice for taxi businesses across the UK.

For more information call 01623 44 22 11 or email enquiries@icabbi.etgl.co.uk.