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Voice & Phone Solution

Some people will always want to book a taxi using their voice. But that doesn’t mean you need to employ a large team of phone operators. iCabbi Voice offers a complete IVR package to automate your taxi booking service, along with additional features to help reduce the numbers of calls needed to be handled by phone operators.

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Fully Integrated Voice & Phone Solution with Automated Call Taking

Ground Breaking Phone System

Discover the efficiency and innovation of our Voice system, a phone solution specially designed for the taxi industry. Fully integrated with iCabbi’s taxi dispatch system, it offers a comprehensive solution for managing all your business calls.

  • More efficient management of every call into your business
  • Capable of automating over 50% of calls into your business
  • Give passengers real time information on the location of their taxi
  • Allow calls between driver and passenger, and passenger direct to driver
  • Drive down ‘no-shows’ and enhance customer service
  • Fully cloud-based, manage your business and answer calls from
    any location in the world
  • Low, affordable monthly cost.

Key Features and Benefits


  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) answers your calls and uses iCabbi Caller ID to suggest the most popular pickup places for customers to automatically make bookings via the phone system
  • Customers can make bookings in seconds with no waiting for a telephonist
  • Callers can talk to a telephonist at any time
  • When a booking is in progress, customers can choose to speak directly with the driver
  • Fully configurable – you can opt out of dealing with certain numbers / customers
  • Over 50% of your phone calls can be dealt with via IVR, creating huge staff savings

Remote Access

  • Put yourself in control – take calls from any of your phone numbers in any location (e.g. satellite offices, home working)
  • Full use of all of the call features on your handsets, wherever they are, including Caller ID


  • Visual information presented in real time
  • Increase productivity and responsiveness at peak times
  • A proven way to improve and manage performance and call traffic

Call Recording

  • Integrated recordings of calls by your phone system
  • Replay any conversation at any time

Caller ID

  • Full interaction with iCabbi to produce “call pops” of previous bookings for repeat selection

Driver Connect

  • Easy to use communication between driver and customer through a centralised number.
    *these calls are inclusive with the DiSCloud calls package or chargeable at your own carrier’s rates

Auto Answer

  • Ringing calls are automatically put through to an available telephonist
  • Proven to dramatically reduce missed calls and improve job totals

Numbers and Lines

  • Add as many numbers and “lines” as you require using the latest SIP technology
  • Adding additional lines requires no installation
  • Any number can be used irrespective of geographical location (no “out of area” numbers)
  • Low call costs

Calls Package

  • Improve communication and reduce costs with all-inclusive calls
  • All Driver to Base calls1 2
  • All Base to Driver calls1 2
  • All Driver to Customer calls1 2 3 4
  • All Customer to Driver calls1 2 3 4 5

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For more information call 01623 44 22 11 or email enquiries@icabbi.etgl.co.uk.


these calls require a Voice & Data SIM
these calls are inclusive with the DiSCloud calls package or chargeable at your own carrier’s rate
these calls require the DiSCloud telephone system
the Driver App is used to make the call so the customer Caller ID is never revealed and the customer only sees the company number on their phone
the DiSCloud IVR system allows “back on the phone” customers can choose to speak to the driver. The driver’s Caller ID is never revealed, both parties see the company number on their phone