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Karhoo Marketplace Quoting and Booking Service

Finding and winning new clients can be challenging, but with Karhoo you get to sit back and let the customers find you.

Karhoo helps taxi businesses to integrate softwareIntroducing Karhoo

Karhoo is a new marketplace service that allows customers to request journey quotes online through their preferred apps and websites, in your local area.

When the customer books their journey, you’ll receive the booking straight into your dispatch system.

You have control over the fare, and you keep 100% unlike other services in the market.

New customers delivered directly into iCabbi.

The Benefits

  • Seamless integration – iCabbi has teamed up with Karhoo to make sure their service works seamlessly with your dispatch system, as not all systems are compatible.
  • More new business – You get ride requests from a global client base that you cannot easily locate and market to directly.
  • No fees to pay – You get the full final fare that you expect, there’s no fixed or per trip fees.
  • You’re in control – You decide what trips you want to make, and at what price.
  • Easy to get started – We can connect you in a few clicks, no software or hardware required.

Grow your taxi business with KarhooHow Popular is Karhoo?

Sometimes new services like this can sound too good to be true and sadly, the reality is very much different from the sales talk.

But, with Karhoo, the benefits are real, there really are no ongoing fees and the customers are there to be won.

Currently, Karhoo receives thousands of airport quote requests each and every week including…

  • Manchester – 14,000
  • Liverpool – 12,000
  • London Gatwick – 28,000
  • Heathrow – 32,000

That’s a lot of potential new business just waiting to be accessed!

Keep full control of your taxi business with KarhooGetting Started

If you’re ready to start benefitting from customer requests on Karhoo, getting started couldn’t be easier.

You’ll need to sign an agreement and then let us know what services you’d like to offer through Karhoo, but that’s it.

We’ll take care of the final set-up and in just a few clicks, you’ll be set to start winning new business in your area.

Simply call us on 01623 442211 or email enquiries@icabbi.etgl.co.uk and we’ll get you up-and-running.

Or, if you want to discover why iCabbi is the go-to choice across the UK, request a free demonstration today.