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iCabbi Creates Happy Drivers

Offer a Fantastic Driver Experience with iCabbi

At iCabbi, we prioritise a fantastic driver experience in our taxi dispatch system, ensuring that every feature contributes to driver satisfaction and operational efficiency.

Offer a Fantastic Driver Experience with iCabbi

Automated Assignment

  • Fairness in Job Allocation: Our system’s automated assignment ensures fair distribution of jobs, preventing favouritism by dispatch controllers and promoting trust among drivers.

Automated Dispatch

  • Efficient Job Matching: Reducing dead mileage by allocating bookings to the most suitable driver, our taxi dispatch system minimises internal friction and enhances the driver experience.

Predefined Smart Messages

  • Actionable Dispatch Functions: Drivers can respond to dispatch functions efficiently through the Driver App, making communication streamlined and effective.

Zone and Bid Visibility

  • Informed Work Allocation: Drivers are kept in the loop about where work is available and upcoming job opportunities, boosting their engagement and earning potential.


  • Timely Payment Solutions: Integrated cashiering in our taxi dispatch software ensures that drivers are compensated promptly and accurately.

Calls between Driver and Customer

  • Direct Communication: A centralised phone number allows direct and secure contact between drivers and customers, enhancing the service experience.

GPS Technology

  • Precise Location Tracking: GPS integration ensures drivers reach the exact passenger location, improving efficiency and customer satisfaction.

The iCabbi Difference: Prioritising Driver Happiness

By focusing on these key aspects, iCabbi’s taxi dispatch system UK not only improves the driver experience but also contributes to the overall success of your taxi business. Happy drivers lead to better service, reduced turnover and ultimately, more satisfied customers.

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