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Live Location Tracking: A Game Changer for iCabbi Users


Effortless and Swift Pick-ups Have Arrived!

Our newest integration with Google enables iCabbi drivers to view their passengers‘ precise locations in real-time, streamlining the pick-up process. This innovation is particularly beneficial for:

  • Navigating complex pick-up scenarios such as airports, train stations, stadiums and educational campuses, which have multiple exits.
  • Managing pick-ups in densely populated areas, especially following major events or at the close of nightlife venues.

The Passenger Live Location (PLL) functionality syncs the passenger’s current position directly with the Driver App, displaying it on a map. This allows drivers to compare the scheduled pick-up address against the passenger’s actual whereabouts. By selecting the Passenger Live Location icon, drivers are guided to the passenger using Google’s detailed navigation, ensuring a quicker and more efficient pick-up. This feature not only reduces waiting time for passengers but also enhances the overall experience for both parties involved.

Situations Where Passenger Live Location May Be Unavailable

The PLL feature will be inactive under the following conditions:

  • The booking originates from a version of the iCabbi Passenger App earlier than 4.6.0 on both Android and iOS platforms.
  • The passenger is located more than 500 meters from the designated pick-up point.

Please note, the live location tracking is currently available to drivers using the most recent iOS Driver App version. Android users can look forward to this feature with the upcoming introduction of Google’s Navigation for the Android Driver App in the near future.

Curious About How iCabbi’s Google Integration Will Transform Fleet Operations in 2024?

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