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Why new technologies are key to taxi business success


You only need to look at how the use of cars in our personal lives has evolved through technology to know that equipping your taxi fleet with the best available technologies is fundamental to taxi business success.

In-built SatNavs; Bluetooth to enable mobile devices; infotainment systems; intelligent alert and maintenance functions; even central locking – it’s clear that technology has resulted in a more immersive and enhanced experience for drivers and passengers alike.

Against that backdrop, it’s equally clear that taxi fleets must be utilising technology both inside their cars and in the wider business in order to stay ahead and prosper in the long term.

The benefits are manifold. Technology can help increase your workforce’s job satisfaction and motivation, it can elevate your customers’ experience to new levels, it can help give your business valuable insights, streamline operations and both save and make you money.

So, what technologies exist that can immediately have a positive effect on your private hire/taxi business?

At iCabbi, we take a 360-degree approach to enhancing our customers’ operations and performance, and this can be loosely broken down into three core elements:



Through our Dispatch Engine; Dispatch Management; and Fleet Insights – Business Intelligence products we can revolutionise the way you do business, and the results will speak for themselves.

The Dispatch Engine acts as the ‘brain’, complimenting your knowledge and practices to deliver outstanding results – from handling bookings (including recurring bookings) all the way to managing complex jobs such as those including multiple pickups.

The Dispatch Management compliments the Dispatch Engine perfectly, seamlessly and intuitively handling all your back-end processes.

Fleet Insights – Business Intelligence collects your data within your own systems, giving you valuable insights and knowledge that can impact your forward strategy.



No taxi firm can flourish without customers and providing the best experience for your clients will result in an enhanced reputation, more repeat custom and attract new business.

iCabbi understands that, and it’s why we offer a multitude of technologies designed to increase customer satisfaction.

The Passenger App is truly best-in-class and provides customers with a hassle-free, convenient and intuitive all-round experience from booking to payment – a sure-fire way to ensure you remain their first-choice option.

No two customers are the same and preferences vary. One may wish to book online rather than over the phone, and here the Web Booker comes into its own – quick and easy to use, customers will be able to book smoothly online with no barriers in place.

For those wishing to use their voice, the Voice & Phone Solution automates calls and bookings – again providing satisfaction for customers and cutting out the need for call centre operators and a go-between between customer and driver.



Your drivers are the lifeblood of your business – give them the tools they need to perform at their best and you’ll be rewarded with loyalty, quality and, ultimately, more bookings.

Step forward the iCabbi Driver App, which gives your drivers in-time data, all the information for a booking they need at their fingertips, handles payment methods and essentially makes their job as easy, rewarding and safe as possible.


Technology and integrations are incredibly dynamic and the above is just a flavour of how they can catapult your business to greater profits and ways of working.

Working with a best-in-class organisation that knows the industry inside out and can be relied upon to deliver the very best service and systems for your business – and serve your specific needs – is fundamental to success.

That’s why taxi businesses up and down the country turn to iCabbi – the world’s most powerful taxi platform – to take advantage of our renowned support and industry-leading integrations and systems.

Get in touch with our dedicated, knowledgeable and passionate team today to find out how we can take your business to the next level.