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The Benefits of Card Readers


In a previous blog, we discussed how installing card readers into your fleet of vehicles not only helps ensure you don’t lose custom – but that you attract new customers too, leading to a boost in sales.

But just who does benefit from installing card readers into your fleet?

The good news is – everyone. Here’s why card readers have a positive impact on all areas of the business.


The customer

If you have happy customers, chances are a boost in sales and a strong financial performance will follow.

Customer is king and if your clients come away feeling satisfied and valued, you’re pretty much assured of loyalty, whilst they’ll also become unofficial advocates and ambassadors for your brand.

A positive payment experience is fundamental to how you customers perceive you.

It’s the last interaction you will have with them before concluding the job and the impression created is a lasting.

It can be the difference between them booking you in the future, or never seeing them again.

Card payments are uncomplicated, intuitive, efficient, convenient and a straightforward transaction and leaves little opportunity for disputes, awkward moments between driver and customer – in short, not a lot can go wrong.

Knowing your fleet is reinforced with this payment option offers peace of mind that you’re providing a service that will be appreciated and leave customers with a positive final impression.


Your staff

A happy workforce is a productive one.

Not only will content staff feel valued and respected – which will help maximise their performance and instil a sense of loyalty and commitment to the company they work for – it will also have a positive impact on customers.

The vast majority of drivers would undoubtedly agree that a customer simply tapping a machine is a lot less stressful, time-consuming or potentially frustrating than paying in the traditional manner.

The introduction of a card reader makes your drivers’ jobs easier in what can be a demanding role, whilst they’ll also appreciate the steps being taken to enhance their working environment.

How does this affect customers? They’re far more likely to encounter a driver who is more relaxed, in a better mood and better suited to reflect the positive values of the company on to their passenger(s) – which can only be a good thing.


The management

Card readers benefit staff and customers – so already it’s clear that they’re a must-have for any progressive, forward-thinking taxi and/or private hire business.

The icing on the cake, though, is that having card readers installed are beneficial to decision-makers and business owners too.

For starters, you can be assured that your fleet’s payment processes are streamlined and consistent across the business.

You also have peace of mind in knowing the potential for falling foul of counterfeit money is vastly reduced.

You’ll have the confidence of knowing there are fewer security risks with drivers/cars not carrying around significant quantities of cash.

Similarly, you’ll benefit from enhanced cashflow – payments are direct and synced to software and accounts that mean trips to the bank are a thing of the past, whilst you’ll also have at your fingertips much greater real-time data to influence business decisions.

In short, you and the business benefit in numerous ways – and a consequence of this is happy staff, happy customers, enhanced reputation and a boost to the bottom line.


The reasons for operating a cashless payment system are multiple and undeniable.

At iCabbi, we have the team, expertise and industry-leading integrations to get you up and running and realising its potential in double-quick time.

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