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Voice+ is revolutionising businesses


Voice+ is revolutionising businesses – but don’t just take our word for it…

In a recent blog, we discussed what iCabbi’s Voice+ – the latest innovation in Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology – is all about and how it can be a complete game-changer for your private hire and/or taxi business.

As a brief recap, iCabbi’s Voice+ allows for a fully-automated booking system, offering a slick, reliable and effective experience for both driver and customer – plus, you only pay for the additional automation you gain, removing any risk.

The benefits? There are many and they are substantial, including, but not limited to:
• Increased booking efficiency and streamlined processes
• Reduced costs to your business
• Potential for significant increased revenue
• 24/7 capability and functionality
• Enhanced reputation amongst customers and would-be customers
• Hassle-free installation and upgrades
• Best-in-class support from our team

Up and down the country, taxi fleets of all sizes are taking advantage of our innovative IVR technology and the associated benefits – and seeing fantastic results in multiple key areas in the process.

Voice+ continues to have a phenomenal effect on fleets. But you don’t have to just take our word for it.


“We’re paying less than we used to, but getting greater benefits…” – Chris Barmby, IT Manager, United Taxis

United Taxis have a fleet of over 300 cars and have been operating since 1994. Since implementing iCabbi’s Voice+ they have experienced fantastic results (including 5% increased automation and a £3,000 saving per month, as Chris Barmby, IT Manager at United Taxis, explains.

“The Voice+ reports are really actionable. I can see where customers are dropping off very easily allowing me to identify where there may be problems with the experience,’ explains Chris.

“I can then make changes directly and really quickly. The ability to listen to calls back and see where people hung up and then address those problems straight away is very valuable.”

Having been alerted to the merits of iCabbi’s Voice+ and the opportunities it brings, United Taxis decided to switch from their previous provider and, reveals Chris, it was a seamless transition.

“It was a smooth process changing over. I’m techy and was able to do a lot myself,” he says.

“The Voice team were very helpful whenever I needed them. The portal is really easy to use too for setting up and then for making changes. Everything has been thought of.”

Would Chris recommend iCabbi to other taxi fleets looking to grow, prosper and take their operations to the next level?

“I 100% recommend Voice+” he concludes.

“It’s easy to amend for controllers and when you see the cost-savings it’s a no brainer. Plus, the team are very helpful.”

Chris and United Taxis are far from being an isolated case.

“Our automation went from 55% to 75%, which resulted in about a 40% cut in staff costs,” reveals Roman Gomon of US-based Yellow Cab – demonstrating how our technology and innovations in IVR truly is revolutionising the industry on a global level.

“Customer service has also improved as callers no longer have to wait on hold.”


Another great result from one of our clients Reliable Cars Ltd – Before they joined forces with iCabbi, their automation rates were at 9.1%. But since going live with Voice+, their automation rates have soared to a huge 44.3%. This extensive increase proves that our Voice+ system is having a huge upturn in automation with a variety of our clients.


Interactive Voice Response is here and here to stay – and iCabbi is continuing to lead the way in terms of innovation and results in the industry.

To learn more about how our best-in-class Voice+ can take your business to new heights – as well iCabbi’s extensive range of services and products – why not contact our friendly, experienced and knowledgeable team.

Get in touch today and we can even set you up with a free demo to showcase exactly how Voice+ can make a difference to your business.