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Brand New Features of Voice+


How Voice+ can take your Interactive Voice Response offering to new heights

Transformation and innovation – two often-used buzz word.

But in order to be transformative, innovative products must serve a purpose – they need to be of benefit to employees, customers or, ideally, both.

Step forward iCabbi’s Voice+ which is helping streamline operations for businesses, provide autonomy for users and, crucially, enhance customer experiences.

Put simply, Voice+ is the latest in Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology which makes the process of booking a taxi more slick, reliable and effective for both driver and customer.

Here are five reasons why iCabbi’s Voice+ is providing genuinely next level automation – making a difference to taxi firms across the country – and how it could do the same for your business too.


Increased efficiency

Voice+ helps customers get from A to B quicker – literally. With increased automation, potential customers can give drivers all the information they need for pick-up in seconds.

There’s no waiting to be put through to an operator, no back and forth between operator and driver to confirm booking details – just an extremely effective, efficient and streamlined process.

Voice+ has the ability to process bookings from pre-existing customers that are completely new locations – not just historic bookings – meaning the scope for increased automation of your service is huge.


Reduced costs

Increasing automation means less of a requirement for live call operators and associated costs, so Voice+ can directly help you save on your wage bill as your operations become more streamlined.

Existing staff can be redeployed away from facilitating bookings – which are now taken care of through Voice+ automation – and engaged in other areas of the business where they can make a valuable and tangible difference, such as data collection, customer retention or gathering important insights from existing customers to help move the business forward.


Additional revenue

Not only can Voice+ save your business money, it can actively increase your bottom line too. Automating customer bookings means less time confirming a booking, meaning more jobs can be carried out.

Additionally, with no customer put on hold or potentially hanging up and looking elsewhere if the operator’s line is ringing out, the chance of customer churn or a job not reaching the confirmation stage is drastically reduced – meaning revenue opportunities are maximised.


Enhanced reputation

Each taxi firm aspires to be the go-to firm for new and returning customers, building up a loyal following along the way which grows through positive reviews and word of mouth.

Voice+ offers customers a reliable and stressless experience that is frustration-free and delivers on both their expectations and requirements – and this can be a hugely powerful and positive image for a company.

In this technology age, digital natives who have always been immersed with innovation and technology will look favourably on a firm which puts cutting-edge technology at its heart, showcasing it as a modern outfit they can trust to constantly deliver them where they need to go.


Hassle-free upgrade/installation

Let iCabbi take away any worries and reservations you may have around upgrading to Voice+ – that’s what our passionate experts are there for and we pride ourselves on customer service and understanding the specific needs of our clients.

What’s more, if you are already enjoying the multitude of benefits iCabbi brings, you can follow the simply steps on your Voice dashboard to upgrade, meaning you can take your automation to the next level almost instantly.

To learn more about Voice+ and iCabbi’s extensive range of services and products designed to take your business to the next level, contact our friendly, experienced and knowledgeable team today.