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Voice+ (Enhanced IVR) – Update on this state-of-the-art software


If you haven’t heard, iCabbi has introduced the updated and enhanced IVR package which will help you to complete your taxi booking service. Alongside all the other state-of-the-art aspects of our automated taxi dispatch software, this enhanced product will help propel your taxi business to the next level.

What is iCabbi Voice?

Put simply, iCabbi Voice is part of the taxi booking software that allows customers to book over the phone. However, it does not increase your costs. No, just because people still like to ring, it doesn’t mean you need to have more manual phone operators. The iCabbi Voice solution handles all that for you. Whether you have customers with previous booking history or fixed locations, the automated solutions can see growth in the numbers in your business. You can view examples of iCabbi voice in action by clicking here.

Have you got examples of Voice+ in action?Webinar from iCabbi

Despite digital software and technology coming to the fore, some people will always have a preference to book a taxi over the phone. iCabbi have realised this and how important it is for your taxi fleet to offer a great booking offering to all. That’s why it is essential to us that you know more about this exciting product. Whilst we have produced the written details below, our team at Exel Technology Group also provided some great examples in the latest Voice+ webinar on iCabbi solutions which you can watch here.

What are the benefits of automated Voice Recognition?

As with everything else from iCabbi, you can create users and manage users in seconds, meaning the software can be self-managed by you and your team. If needed, there is the capability with iCabbi voice to make changes to your call routing, easily configure your automated features and even set up bespoke greetings and instructions. Our taxi booking software essentially allows you to personalise your system, setting up bespoke greetings and instructions. We know how important it is for passengers and customers to feel welcome, and this is a great feature for you.

Is it an automated cloud-based software?

The iCabbi Voice & Phone solution features are all automated. Automation is a big feature within iCabbi and the improvement and growth of taxi businesses are just one benefit of this taxi solution.

As it is automated software, we can reduce the need for live operators by enabling passengers to book, confirm or cancel via the phone. However, they will be talking to the iCabbi voice system, meaning your staff won’t need to manually operate the systems. Our intelligent voice recognition system will be extremely beneficial for your taxi fleet.

Does automated software help to cut your costs?

Put simply, yes. Whilst we have discussed the automated voice recognition software which reduces the need for manual operators, our taxi dispatch software can also limit wasted fuel. Whether it is using the passenger app, or via phone, if a passenger can cancel a booking without the fear of speaking to a driver or operator, the chances of no-shows and wasted mileage are drastically reduced.

All statistics are available in a digital report

If you are unsure where to start, you can always request a free demonstration with the iCabbi team. Your automated features can handle and understand any call trends. Not only is this fascinating to understand, but it also helps you optimise your technology features, allowing you to optimise your staff rota to suit.

Cloud-based software also allows for remote working

Over the past couple of years, remote working has become far more popular. With taxi drivers, naturally, they are always on the road. But iCabbi has your admin staff in mind when thinking about the possibilities of remote working. This cloud-based software would allow your operators or telephonists to work from home.

Not only is this beneficial for those looking to self-isolate, but it reduces the need for admin staff to work in an office. This in turn results in fewer costs with regards to hardware. What’s not to love?

Benefits of Voice Automation

Ultimately, there are plenty of benefits to voice automation and recognition, as seen in the aforementioned webinar from the ETGL team. See examples of it in action, but also take into consideration the other benefits as we have stated in this article.