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What does a passenger look for when choosing a taxi company?


As the owner of a taxi fleet, there are two people you desperately need to win over. Passengers, and taxi drivers. They are your target market. The more passengers you have, the more taxi drivers you can employ. The more taxi drivers you have, the more journeys you can fulfil. Not only will this provide your company (and therefore your drivers) with more money, but it will also speed up your journey times. There are many things a passenger looks for when choosing who to book a journey with, and we discuss them below. You can also have a look around our passenger app features by clicking here.

1) Price of journey on your passenger app

No matter who is booking the journey, one of the first aspects of a taxi journey a passenger will look at before booking is price. It is just human nature. So, even though it is a habitual thing, it is important that as a taxi company, you think of your customers and what would help make them choose to book with you. Think of it like this: why would a potential passenger pay double the price for what is essentially the same experience? They just want to get from A to B. Even though in the taxi industry we know there is more to a taxi journey than just driving there, passengers won’t always feel the same.

So, make sure your pricing structure is competitive enough to attract customers. Don’t undersell yourself as the luxury nature of your cars is also what they are paying for, but for some customers, they just want to know how much it will cost to get to their destination. Of course, your pricing structure can be adaptable, particularly around peak times. Surge pricing, in particular, is a key aspect of the iCabbi taxi dispatch software. You can view more on when you should be upping your prices and how to do it in the ETGL webinar. Just follow this link to view our surge pricing hints and tips video.

2) How quickly your driver can get to the passenger

We have already discussed the price of your journeys and how that can sway a potential customer. The pricing can be displayed on your passenger app, which comes as part of the iCabbi software. Another key converter for potential customers is time and efficiency. Many passengers want to be somewhere immediately and will take the quickest option. Obviously, there are times when people book in advance, but they will still want to know that they are taking the quickest route. So, when weighing up whether a passenger app is worth pursuing for your taxi company, it certainly is worth it if you can provide transparency to potential bookers,

The iCabbi passenger app allows you to provide an estimated arrival and journey time for passengers. This helps them to make an informed decision on whether your company is the right fleet to book with. For example, if a customer wants to go to a charity ball and have made a last-minute decision to get a taxi there rather than drive themselves, they will be assessing taxi times. If your company estimates that the journey will take 15 minutes and you can get a driver to the passenger in 5 minutes, they will take this into consideration. If your competing taxi fleets don’t have an app, or their times are slower, then they are likely to choose your drivers.

3) Reviews from other passengers

Similar to when buying something online from a retail shop, a customer is always likely to check the reviews before making a purchase. Not only are you able to showcase your online reviews through your passenger app, you can also collect them after the completion of the journey. This could be an important conversion technique as the passenger will likely book a journey with you based on previous customer experiences.

When a journey is completed, the iCabbi software allows you to collect your own reviews. The software automatically can request views on the driver, the journey and the general experience. Once the review has been left, you can then promote this on your app.

So, if you are looking to increase the number of passengers booking a journey with you, the passenger app is likely to help you to grow your business.

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