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How To Attract Taxi Drivers To Your Business With The Right Taxi Dispatch Software


No matter who you ask, a taxi firm’s biggest issue is driver recruitment. Attracting drivers to the role and then keeping them is a difficult task. Without going on about it, the pandemic did influence the number of jobs taxi drivers were completing, but this is rising again. Therefore, taxi drivers now need to increase the number of drivers in their fleet. How do they do this? By using state of the art taxi driver software like a taxi driver app. It’s the way the world is at the moment. The best thing about it is it comes from a cloud-based taxi dispatch system.

Attracting the best taxi drivers with a state of the art taxi driver app

It’s a well-known fact when demand is low for taxi journeys, drivers will look for other ways of making money. During the pandemic, taxi journeys were rarely essential. However, courier jobs and deliveries were very popular. This saw a raft of taxi drivers head over to delivery companies to complete their jobs.

So, the issue now for taxi businesses is to bring taxi drivers back to their firms. Having a full, engaging, and happy fleet of drivers provides the perfect set-up for your business to thrive. If you’re reading this as a taxi company owner or operate at the senior level, we have no doubt that you know how to recruit drivers and keep them happy. We just wanted to add extra insight into how you can increase driver numbers and their efficiency.

Increasing driver earnings through your taxi firm

It’s not all about money, but if a driver is likely to earn more through their journeys, they will be more likely to want to work for your firm. The more drivers you have, the more bookings you are able to fulfil.

It’s not quite as simple as giving your drivers more jobs and more money, The appetite from passengers needs to be there also. It can be difficult finding the right balance to ensure your fleet is big enough to appease all customers, but also not too big that drivers are waiting for journeys.Taxi driver app will help the taxi driver

A taxi driver who has enough journeys will find driving for you as an attractive prospect. They will also want to be treated fairly and with respect. That is where taxi dispatch software comes in. With iCabbi, you wouldn’t have to look anywhere else. The taxi dispatch system includes a driver app that allows you to dispatch drivers fairly and equally. Alongside driver recruitment, driver grumbles about dispatch workers having favourite drivers are a common ‘issue’ within the taxi sector.

Make driver jobs as easy as possible and increase driver loyalty

Alongside plenty of jobs, a taxi driver will simply want their job to be as easy as possible. What makes a job easier? Reliable technology that has no downtime. Providing fleets with the ability to accept bookings makes for a much happier fleet.

Additionally, it means the drivers can get to your passengers more quickly. This makes their job easier as the last thing a taxi driver wants is a grumpy passenger who has been waiting too long for their journey. (There’s a passenger app here if you wanted to check that out whilst you’re reading).

If a passenger starts complaining about the taxi company, then it can set the driver off too, something you clearly want to avoid.

iCabbi offer a valuable experience to your drivers with the taxi driver app

Another way to keep your drivers happy is to be able to assist them in the smoothest way possible when any problems or issues arise. Fortunately, with a taxi dispatch system software like iCabbi’s, there are usually minimal problems. Importantly, however, if there are any issues then the iCabbi team are able to provide quick and swift solutions. You can see this is evident from the testimonials page on the iCabbi website.

Arrow Cars left an iCabbi testimonial

Furthermore, the support team at iCabbi UK are always looking at ways to help you improve your business. The team recently put together a webinar on iCabbi Voice APIs which you can view here. This helps you, as a taxi business owner to improve the streamlined service you can offer to passengers and clients.

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