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10 Ways iCabbi Helps Your Taxi Business Become More Profitable…


To become more profitable, you need to make more money and save money. iCabbi helps you do both.

  1. Customer App

With the right customer app, you’ll generate more bookings and earn more money. It’s that simple.

The reason that’s a fact, is because those bookings are easier to process, cheaper to fulfil and, with the right set of features, virtually self-managing.

The key to gaining that extra business and extra money, is having the right app. One that your customers love because it’s easy to use, it’s fast and, most importantly, it’s reliable.

Getting the right one, like the fully branded customer app from iCabbi, can save you big money in reduced staffing costs and make you more money by appealing to those customers who like to use an app for their bookings.

  1. Web Booker

Easily integrated into your website, iCabbi’s web booker allows your customers to book directly from their desktop computer, laptop, tablet or even smartphone.

Bookings go directly into your dispatch system, and your customers can manage their bookings through the web booker as well allowing them to track their taxi right to the pick-up point.

This fantastic service provides even more ways to book with you and attracts new customers who like the flexibility of this booking method.

  1. IVR Phone System

iCabbi’s IVR (Interactive Voice Response) feature is a computerised booking system that can ‘talk’ to your customers, allowing them to quickly make or amend a booking without needing to speak to an operator.

Today an ever-increasing number of customers will use an IVR given the choice. In fact, 46% of iCabbi customers book with the customer app, IVR or web booker, rather than speaking to an operator.

So, by providing both options, IVR or human operator, you’re helping to win more customers and therefore maximise your income and profits.

  1. ABOP – Automatic Back On Phone

Handling booking enquiries manually costs you time and money. That’s why a service like ABOP (Automatic Back On Phone) from iCabbi is yet another way for your taxi business to make cost savings, as well as earning more money as a result of increased bookings.

ABOP allows your customers who call back after making a booking (or even when it’s in progress) to be automatically given up-to-the-moment information such as the driver’s name, vehicle details and wait time.

This helps significantly reduce the need for an operator to handle such enquires (stats show that over 90% of ‘back on the phone customers’ that receive information this way don’t need to speak to an operator), saving you money.

  1. Better Driver Retention

There’s nothing worse than losing drivers.

Happily, iCabbi’s Dispatch System helps you keep your drivers happy and settled in many ways, meaning you stay busy and profitable, for example…

  • Automated Assignment – Ensures your drivers know they are being treated fairly and that everyone gets a share of the lucrative jobs
  • Automated Dispatch – Reduces the aggravation of dead mileage by getting bookings to the right driver
  • Cashiering – Integrated cashiering solutions to ensure your drivers are paid on time. Paid drivers are happy drivers!
  • Reliable GPS – Gets your drivers to the exact location of their passenger on time and without loss of signal or strange directions that cause stressful delays.
  1. Easier Driver Recruitment

All drivers want to drive for a successful, profitable firm where they are respected, treated fairly and where their earning potential is high.

Having a great taxi dispatch system is a big part of providing exactly that type of environment.

We’re even aware of cases where taxi firm owners advertise that they use iCabbi as they know it attracts new drivers.

So, when it comes to new driver recruitment, having iCabbi in your corner gives you a significant advantage over your competitors.

As an employer, having drivers who want to work for you makes your job so much easier, and your business more profitable.

What’s more, as there’s more chance you’ll attract the best drivers that help enhance your customer reputation.

  1. Cloud Based – No IT to Maintain

The iCabbi system is fully cloud based, built on Amazon’s AWS – the world’s leading provider of cloud services.

As a taxi business owner, this has two major benefits for you and your business…

  • Cost saving – You don’t need to buy, maintain and upgrade a server or any fancy computer hardware. With no extra hardware required, no installation costs, no maintenance costs, and no requirement for extra staff, a cloud-based system like iCabbi’s means you save significant up-front and ongoing costs against traditional software solutions
  • Flexible and easy to use – The iCabbi system is web based making it easy to access wherever you have internet. No downloading; no software; no hassle. And, as your business grows, it’s flexible enough to grow with you without requiring costly upgrades or additional technology.
  1. No Hidden Costs

No-one likes nasty surprises. That’s why, at iCabbi we have a pricing model that’s very straightforward and completely transparent.

You pay a weekly fee for each driver that needs to use the dispatch system, and that’s it. Simple.

That means, unlike many other providers, there’s no hidden costs deep down in the small print for things you’d expect to be included as part of the package, such as system upgrades.

Straightforward pricing means that you get what you expect, at the price you expected to pay – with no nasty surprises.

  1. Effective Support – Keeping You Running

Because your business is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, our support is too.

That means that whenever you need us, we’re there to help – whatever the reason.

What’s more, our support is completely UK based, which means you’ll always speak to an iCabbi Support Specialist who knows the system inside and out and can help provide the right support quickly and without fuss.

Our dedication to providing nothing short of exceptional support means technical issues don’t end up costing your business money.

  1. Text marketing

One way to generate more money for your taxi business is to get your existing customers to use you more often.

With iCabbi UK, you get access to free text marketing that quickly and easily enables you to stay in touch with your customers, allowing you to remind them about upcoming dates or events that may require a taxi booking.

For example, you could text your customers in the lead up to Valentine’s Day, ahead of Easter and the bank holidays, as well as key sporting and social events in your area.

By reminding them and encouraging them to book ahead to avoid the rush, you can ensure you lock up as much extra business as possible. More bookings = more money for your business.

To discover all of the many features offered by iCabbi, why not request a free demonstration?

Or if you have questions, please call us now on 01623 44 22 11 or send an email to enquiries@icabbi.etgl.co.uk and we’ll get back to you.