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There’s Much More to a Great Dispatch System than Improved Efficiency…


Whenever we’re talking to a business owner about our dispatch system, we always ask a key question: Why are you looking for a new system?

Whilst the specific answer we get definitely varies from business to business, the overriding theme is nearly always about becoming more efficient.

That is, of course, a very good reason to invest in a new dispatch system but it’s just one of many benefits you get when you choose a marketing leading system like iCabbi.

Here are some more:

1. Winning new customers

When it comes to taxi and private hire businesses, winning new customers is all about giving them as many ways to book with you as possible.

Many customer still like to phone, but increasingly customers are turning to smartphone apps, as well as booking online through your website.

By using a dispatch system that provides you with a great customer app and a web booking service, you’ll win new customers who prefer to book using those methods.

2. Keeping your customers happy

If you don’t provide booking options for your customers, they could start using a competitor who does.

A great dispatch system gives you the automation tools you need to defend your customers from the competition and protect your profits.

Here are the key features to look out for…

  • Customer App – a great customer app (there are poor apps out there) stops your customers from going to a competitor.
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Phone System – this allows customers to manage their booking through your automated phone system quickly and easily. Some customers still like to speak to an operator (they can), many now prefer using the automated system.
  • Web Booker – your customers can book with you through their PC or mobile device (if they don’t yet have your app).

3. Happy, busy drivers

There’s nothing worse than losing drivers, but with a dispatch system like iCabbi, you keep your drivers happy, busy and profitable. They’ll stay because of…

  • Automated Assignment – ensures your drivers know they are treated fairly and that everyone gets a share of the lucrative jobs.
  • Automated Dispatch – reduces the aggravation of dead mileage by getting bookings to the right driver.
  • Cashiering – integrated cashiering solutions to ensure your drivers are paid on time. Paid drivers are happy drivers!
  • Reliable GPS – gets your drivers to the exact location of their passenger on time and without loss of signal or strange directions that cause stressful delays.

4. Recruiting new drivers

All drivers want to drive for a successful, profitable firm where they are respected, treated fairly and have high earning potential.

So, when it comes to new driver recruitment, having a system like iCabbi in your corner gives you a significant advantage over your competitors, as it provides your drivers with all the tools they need to maximise their earnings and feel valued.

What’s more, there’s a good chance you’ll attract the best drivers that help enhance your customer reputation simply because they know your dispatch system will make their future better.

5. Uber-proofing your business

Uber is everywhere now and without the right tools to fight back, you could lose new and existing customers and take a real hit to your growth and profitability.

Happily, a dispatch system like iCabbi provides you with all you need to ‘Uber-proof’ your business…

  • More Booking Options – customers love choice and they want to book with you in the way that they feel is most convenient. By allowing them to call you, book via your website or through a great smartphone app, you’ll beat them in the personal service and convenience stakes.
  • Great Tech Means Happy Drivers – having the right technology in place helps you keep drivers loyal to you. A reliable, easy to use and fair driver app is key to making sure they are kept busy, happy and most importantly, earning at the right level.
  • Higher Earning Drivers – Uber takes 25% of a drivers earnings. When you do the maths, a driver with a typical private hire firm can be up to £275 per week better off, that’s over £10,000 per year. When you educate your drivers and give them a great dispatch system it reduces the temptation to drive for Uber.
  • New Income Streams – the best dispatch systems can integrate directly with up and coming services like Taxi Butler. This is an ingenious single click device that orders taxis in busy locations such as pubs, bars and hotels, allowing you to win new business.

More efficient, more profitable, more flexible… 

Along with increased efficiency, the right dispatch system will also give you the ability to become more profitable with features designed to help win and keep customers, attract and keep drivers and your overall daily business operation.

To discover the many features offered by iCabbi, why not request a free demonstration?

Or if you have questions, please call us now on 01623 44 22 11 or send us an email and we’ll get back to you.