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10 Great Reasons to Choose iCabbi


When it comes to taxi dispatch systems, we know you have choices.

But we also believe iCabbi is (probably) the best system for your business.

Here’s why…

  1. iCabbi Makes Your Taxi Business Easy to Run, Easy to Grow and Saves you Money

We know from speaking with iCabbi customers that when they switch to iCabbi they save money, their business is easier to run and they grow.

That’s what a great app-based dispatch system can do for your business.

After all, it makes sense that if…

  • You Appeal to More Customers – more will start to use you and to use you more often
  • You Make Your Drivers Happier – they stay and even attract other new drivers to your firm
  • Your Dispatch System Truly Helps You Run Your Business – then you’ll have to spend less time on admin and reporting – and you’ll have more time for growing your business.
  1. Unrivalled UK-Based Support 24/7

Because your business is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, our support is too.

That means that whenever you need us, we’re there to help – whatever the reason.

What’s more, our support is completely UK based, which means you’ll always speak to an iCabbi Support Specialist who knows the system inside and out and can help provide the right support quickly and without fuss.

Our dedication to providing nothing short of exceptional support means technical issues don’t end up costing your business money.

  1. You Make More Money

Utilising the automation features iCabbi provides, such as the web booker, customer app and IVR system, really can help your taxi business make more money.

Winning new customers – with smartphones so widely used these days, many of your customers will want to book using a customer app. By using iCabbi to cater for that, you’ll win and keep more of those customers, bringing in more money.

Defending your current customers – this one is simple. If you don’t provide the right tools for your customers, they could start using another taxi business that does. iCabbi’s automation means you can defend your customers and protect your profits.

  1. No Hidden Costs

No-one likes nasty surprises, especially when it comes to business expenses.

That’s why, at iCabbi we have a pricing model that’s very simple and completely transparent.

You pay a weekly fee for each driver that needs to use the dispatch system, and that’s it. Simple.

That means, unlike many other providers, there’s no hidden costs deep down in the small print for things you’d expect to be included as part of the package.

In fact, with iCabbi there’s a whole host of things you WON’T suddenly get extra costs for, including:

  • Installation charges
  • Out of hours support
  • Software updates
  • Ongoing maintenance
  • Customer app and web booker

Straightforward pricing means that you get what you expect, at the price you expected to pay – with no nasty surprises.

  1. Awesome Customer App

There’s so much to love about the iCabbi customer app, it’s difficult to know where to start.

First off, it’s fully branded to match your company look, using your colours and your logo. Your customers will think you created it.

Next, it’s fully compatible with Apple and Android, so no-one gets left out. Your customers will find it in the Apple Store and Google Play.

Unlike with many other so-called “white-labelled” apps, you own the license, which means if you change dispatch systems in the future, it’s easy to migrate your customers to your new app – protecting your customer base, your revenue and your business.

Then there’s all the great features it offers, such as live driver tracking, email booking confirmations, fixed fares and estimated pricing displayed, optional driver rating and feedback system and more…

What’s more, customers love it! And that helps you win, and retain more, new customers, which make you more money.

  1. Happy, Settled Drivers

There’s nothing worse than having a high driver turnover rate. It’s time consuming, unsettling for your core drivers and just an all-round hassle you could do without.

Happily, iCabbi’s Dispatch System helps you keep your drivers happy and settled in many ways, meaning you stay busy and profitable…

  • Automated Assignment – Ensures your drivers know they are being treated fairly and that everyone gets a share of the lucrative jobs
  • Automated Dispatch – Reduces the aggravation of dead mileage by getting bookings to the right driver
  • Cashiering – Integrated cashiering solutions to ensure your drivers are paid on time. Paid drivers are happy drivers!
  • Reliable GPS – Gets your drivers to the exact location of their passenger on time and without loss of signal or strange directions that cause stressful delays.
  1. Hassle Free Switching

We know switching systems is a big decision. In fact, you may well have been put off moving dispatch system providers because of the perceived upheaval.

The good news is that switching to iCabbi is very quick and totally hassle free.

  • You’ll be given a dedicated Onboarding Team who’ll oversee and manage your switch from start to finish
  • There’s no software or new hardware to be installed so you’ll ‘go live’ immediately after set-up
  • Our highly experienced team will ensure that you and your drivers fully understand the system with excellent training
  • Training can be arranged instantly with no long waiting periods to slow the growth of your business

Whatever system you’re using, we’re confident you’ll find the move to iCabbi so smooth and streamlined, you’ll wish you’d have switched sooner.

  1. Reduced Running Costs

iCabbi provides you will all the tools you need to automate your taxi business.

From a fully customised and branded customer app, to iCabbi’s web booking engine, IVR phone system and automated account booking procedures, you’ll find it easy to remove time consuming and costly manual processes from your business.

And when you move to an automated business you’ll save significant money in reduced staffing requirements and man hours spent manually handling bookings.

  1. Cloud-Based is Best

The iCabbi system is fully cloud based, built on Amazon’s AWS – the world’s leading provider of cloud services.

As a taxi business owner, this has many benefits for you and your business…

  • Cost saving – You don’t need to buy, maintain and upgrade a server or any fancy computer hardware. With no extra hardware required, no installation costs, no maintenance costs, and no requirement for extra staff, a cloud-based system like iCabbi’s means you save significant up-front and ongoing costs against traditional software solutions
  • Flexible and easy to use – The iCabbi system is web based making it easy to access wherever you have internet. No downloading; no software; no hassle. And, as your business grows, it’s flexible enough to grow with you without upgrades or additional technology
  • Secure and stable– iCabbi’s cloud-based system is ‘always on’, extremely reliable and very secure. Which means you can focus all your efforts on your business without worrying about your dispatch system.
  1. Hassle Free Reporting

With a full suite of reporting tools, iCabbi’s business data intelligence helps you get a better understanding of what’s going on in your business.

What’s more, reports are easy to produce and easy to understand so you can discover information that really helps you drive your business forward, without it taking over your daily workload.

A great example of how this benefits you, is in your compliance reporting to your local council.

As local councils begin to enforce stricter and stricter reporting requirements on local taxi businesses, automated systems like iCabbi give you the ability to stay ahead of the curve and keep your local licensing office happy.

With iCabbi, producing your compliance report is just one click way, which means no more hassle, and no more worry about staying on the right side of the law.

Great Reasons to Choose iCabbi…

In truth, there are lots of reasons (way more than 10) and they all help you run a more efficient, more profitable taxi business.

In summary, we think you’ll choose iCabbi because it…

  • Is so easy to use – If you can use a smart phone, you’ll find iCabbi easy
  • Gives you features you’ll love – Customer app, IVR, Web booker, Driver app, Track my taxi and much more…
  • Has clear pricing – You pay a weekly fee per driver, with no hidden costs
  • Grows with your business – As you add more drivers, your iCabbi systems grows with you, without the need for extra software or IT
  • Helps you make more money – You’ll enjoy so many ways to generate new business and retain your current customers
  • Will save you money – With a range to tools to help you automate your business, you’ll be able to cut staffing costs
  • Is secure and reliable – iCabbi is cloud based, which means it’s super reliable and secure, providing you with complete peace of mind
  • Is backed with amazing 24/7 UK based support – Our UK based support is truly 24/7, 365 and it’s something our customers just love about us

So, whilst there are taxi dispatch systems out there that look good, it’s easy to see why we consider ours to be the best. Probably.

For more information or a free demonstration of iCabbi, call us now on 01623 44 22 11 or email enquiries@icabbi.etgl.co.uk.