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What is ‘Mobilize Taxi Solutions’?

Mobilize Taxi Solutions, is a bundle offering that enables taxi fleets to easily access an end to end electric vehicle solution for their drivers and fleet. This Renault & Mobilize backed green air initiative, enables you to access both electric cars and wheelchair accessible vehicles which aligns with zero emission targets and enables fleets to access various streams of work.

Benefits to Fleets and Drivers

  • Financing
  • No on-site garage cost
  • Insurance (optional)
  • No ULEZ charges
  • Taxi Alliance Incentive
  • No fleet depreciation concerns
  • Maintenance
  • Tyres
  • Warranty
  • Fleet Management
  • Replacement at the end of term
  • No balloon payment
  • Infrastructure mgmt. for fleet operators (e.g. charging stations)
  • Charging solutions for drivers (e.g. routing to charging stations, payment, etc.)
  • Home Chargers

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