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Taxi Booker One Click Booking Service

Introducing Taxi Booker, the pinnacle of booking convenience, fully automated and designed for effortless one-click reservations directly from any reception desk, hotel, bar or restaurant.

An example of a taxi booker tabletThis cutting-edge taxi booker app seamlessly integrates with iCabbi’s taxi dispatch system, revolutionising how customers engage with your taxi service.

Simplify the Booking Experience

With just a few details entered on a taxi booker tablet, bookings are confirmed with a single click, ensuring a swift, efficient process. All information is directly funnelled into your taxi dispatch system, capturing every essential detail without hassle.

As your vehicle heads to the pick-up location, customers stay informed with live updates and receive a sound notification upon arrival, elevating the driver experience and customer satisfaction.

Discover the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of Taxi Booker first-hand with our 4-week free trial, offered without hidden costs or obligations.

Simply call us today on 01623 442211, email us or contact us online and we’ll be on hand to get you started.

Seamless Integreation and Easy Management

Taxi Booker software from iCabbiEffortless Setup with iCabbi: Integrating Taxi Booker with your existing iCabbi setup is straightforward. We equip you with the necessary booking devices, preloaded with the Taxi Booker app, ready for immediate use.

Web-Based Management: Deploy your devices at chosen locations and manage everything from a central web portal, allowing for easy adjustments and booking oversight.

Taxi Booker is a perfect addition to our iCabbi system

“From the initial order placing, to the installation of the devices has been seamless. The process
of setting up Taxi Booker is simple using the dedicated portal.

The locations that use our taxi bookers are mainly local hotels, placed on the reception desk.
The feedback we’ve had from the hotel management has been positive, all saying how easy and
fast the app is to book a vehicle, which in turn means their customers get a taxi that much

The portal allows us to customise every part of the Taxi Booker app to match the location, all of
which makes Taxi Booker a perfect addition to our iCabbi system.”

Steve | Henderson Hire

Features and Benefits

There’s a lot to love about Taxi Booker, and its many features and benefits make it a clear choice over other similar booking methods.

  • Win New Business: Fully automated bookings through Taxi Booker drive new, admin-free business directly to you.
  • Customisable: Tailor the web booker taxi interface with your brand colours, ensuring a consistent brand experience across devices.
  • Automated Data Capture: Capture customer details automatically for efficient service and compliance with local regulations.
  • Exclusive Bookings: Secure all taxi business from your installed locations, ensuring a steady flow of bookings.
  • Easy Setup: Install the Taxi Booker app on any Android device for a quick start, compatible with both SIM and WiFi connections.
  • Account Bookings: Simplify bookings for key accounts with unique pin numbers for speedy service.

Feedback has been fantastic

“We have recently had Taxi Booker installed in one of the major venues we look after and the
feedback from the staff has been fantastic!

Whereas before, at the end of an event, they would have to man the hotel counter just to
arrange taxis, now they just point them to our Taxi Booker.

Amazing piece of kit. We are now rolling it out to all our major venues.”

Arni | Fusion Private Hire

Get in Before Your Competitors Lock You Out!

Act now to secure the most lucrative locations with Taxi Booker before your competitors do. Enjoy a 4-week free trial and experience how Taxi Booker, integrated with iCabbi’s taxi dispatch systems UK, can significantly enhance your service and profitability.

No hidden cost; no catch and no obligation.

Simply call us today on 01623 442211, email us or contact us online and we’ll be on hand to get you started.