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Elevate Your Driving Experience with iCabbi’s New iOS Driver App and Google Maps Integration


We’re excited to introduce a significant upgrade to your driving experience. iCabbi has now integrated Google Maps’ turn-by-turn navigation directly within the iOS driver app. This integration promises to streamline your job flow, making your rides smoother and more efficient than ever before.

Embrace the New Era of Navigation

To take advantage of the new Google turn-by-turn navigation feature, ensure your device runs on iOS version 10.0 or higher. This update is readily available in the App Store and you can quickly identify the release number at the bottom of the login screen. This integration marks a significant leap towards a seamless driving experience, allowing you to navigate with ease and precision without ever leaving the app interface.

Revamped Job/Bid Offer Screen

Understanding your job offers has never been easier, thanks to the improved appearance of the Job/Bid Offer screen. The redesign focuses on clarity, ensuring you can quickly grasp the details of your offers at a glance.

A Safer Way to Decline Offers

Safety is paramount, and with the updated app, declining a job is as simple as swiping the Offer Screen away. This intuitive gesture means you don’t have to look for a specific part of the screen to decline an offer, allowing you to stay focused on the road.

An Enhanced Job Flow Experience

Accepting a job with Google Turn-by-Turn enabled unveils a new job flow, guiding you effortlessly from your current location to the pickup address. The app now also dynamically displays crucial information, such as the pickup address and payment type, on a bottom sheet that changes based on the journey’s status.

  • En Route to Pickup: The bottom sheet displays the pickup address.
  • Heading to the Destination: The bottom sheet shifts to show the destination address.
  • Upon Arrival: The passenger’s name and phone number are displayed.

For thorough job details, a simple swipe up on the bottom sheet will reveal everything you need to know. Minimising it is just as easy, ensuring that the turn-by-turn guidance remains your focus.

Tailored Controls for Every Stage of Your Journey

The app smartly incorporates contextual buttons – “ARRIVED” and “END TRIP” only become visible when you’re near the respective addresses. Should you need to access these options outside the proximity zones, maximising the bottom sheet will present these actions.

For those using the Soft metre, pausing and un-pausing the metre is now a tap away, accessible both in the maximised job screen and the minimised bottom sheet view.

Additional functionalities like rotating the map, muting voice guidance and displaying route overviews enhance your control and flexibility during each trip.

What’s Next?

While iOS users can already enjoy these updates, Android users won’t have to wait long. The Android version of the app, featuring these enhancements, is on its way. We’re committed to continuously improving the iCabbi dispatch system, providing valuable updates through our videos and engaging with our community on social media.

Thank you for your continuous support. We’re excited for you to experience the new and improved iOS driver app. Here’s to many more successful journeys together!