A Step-by-Step Guide to Handling Card Payments Request a Quote Contact Customer Support

How to process card payments


So you’ve decided to install a contactless payment system into your fleet. It’s a great decision on many levels.

Amongst a myriad of other benefits, you’ll likely see an uptick in customers who appreciate the convenience and who probably do not carry physical money as we move further towards a cashless society.

You’ll save time on payment transactions, increase security by avoiding the need for your drivers to carry large sums of cash on their person and you’ll greatly decrease the chances of falling prey to counterfeit money.

But how does it all work?

As consumers, we’re used to regularly presenting our card to a reader in all manner of situations. We wait to hear the reassuring confirmation ‘beep’ of the reader and then go about our day without giving it a second’s thought.

However, as business owners and runners of a taxi and/or private hire fleet, we need a little more assurance that the payment has been processed and that the wider process is sound and reliable.

Here at iCabbi, we have it all in hand through dynamic, intuitive and industry-leading software, all backed up by our dedicated support staff.


Fast, technology-backed processing

Once a job is complete and payment is made by presenting a card to the pin pad (installed for free in within your fleet), the payment information immediately passes through directly to iCabbi’s fully-secure online systems and interacts automatically with the booking and card payment reports – all you need is Bluetooth.

No manual intervention or any process on behalf of the driver is required and this joined-up approach ensures the method of contactless payment is both effortless and secure for both your driver/firm and the customer.


Backed by industry-leading integrations

iCabbi’s card payment system is extremely dynamic and functions seamlessly with all reputable and mass-used payment methods such as Google Pay, Apple Pay as well as the traditional Chip and PIN; all of which are fully compatible with our software.

Our card payment systems ensures a reliable, consistent process which is fully adaptable and offers an excellent user experience that can be trusted.

It also provides a one-stop-shop solution for you as a business – from initial customer payment, the processing, to receiving payment confirmation and being in receipt of real-time data which updates automatically.


Real-time data

Card payments don’t just end once the transaction has taken place.

It is important that a business can rely on – and benefit from – intelligent systems to capture crucial data and provide up-to-date, accurate and real-time analytics on everything from day-to-day revenue generated to trusted and reliable payment reports.

With our card payment systems, you can put the hand-written books and folders away and rely on accurate, real-time data there at your fingertips.


Unrivalled support – from initial payment to data capturing

As already established, iCabbi’s card payment structure and process is incredibly effective and consistent, however should any issues arise, our renowned support team are hand to assist where necessary.

We also know that technology is consistently evolving and that taxi and private hire firms that keep up with the curve and embrace evolution reap the rewards.

With iCabbi, you can rest assured that you will be primed and ready to take advantage of any developments in this space moving forward.


With iCabbi, installing and benefiting from contactless payment systems is quick, easy, and hugely beneficial. What’s more, you’ll have the support of our world-class team.

Get in touch today to discover just how cost-effective and simple this crucial process can be for you and your business.