Embracing Contactless Payments in Taxis: How To Transition Request a Quote Contact Customer Support

Taxis and contactless payment – why the time is now to make the switch


There’s an old adage that goes ‘standing still is the fastest way of moving backwards.’

As a taxi firm, evolving to meet the ever-changing demands and expectations of customers is undoubtedly a process.

However, there are certain elements that require immediate attention – and offering contactless payment certainly fits into that category.

Here are five reasons why establishing a contactless payment system within your fleet today is not just desirable, but essential for long-term growth and prosperity.


More customers, greater profits

Whether you’re a taxi firm, a café, a florist or any customer-facing business for that matter, the simple fact is that not offering contactless payment is going to lose you custom and restrict the potential for future sales.

Contactless is king and in a society where physical cash is becoming rarer, customers will simply take their custom elsewhere rather than going to the effort of finding a cash machine in order to work within a rigid payment structure – and they’ll almost certainly remember which businesses offer contactless payment and which do not the next time they require your services.

Offering contactless payment helps keep the customers you have and attract those you don’t – increasing your bottom line in the process.


Reputation and credibility

How you are perceived by customers and potential customers is everything.

When it comes specifically to taxi firms, word of mouth carries so much value – arguably more than any advertising campaign.

People in 2022 – many of whom are digital natives who have grown up around modern technology – expect the businesses they engage with to offer the very latest solutions and technology, which demonstrates they are forward-thinking, adaptive and innovative.

Only offering a traditional cash payment option is akin to a retail business operating without a website.

Enabling contactless payment helps boost your standing as a first-class taxi service and demonstrates you are both reputable and credible.



Increased safety and security

Contactless payment has myriad benefits. Firstly, it eliminates the dangers of falling victim to counterfeit money, which remains prevalent.

With customers – many of which you will never see again – passing through regularly and with restricted light during night shifts, it can be extremely difficult to recognise counterfeit money and almost impossible to track down the culprit.

Contactless payment also greatly increases the safety of your drivers, which is, of course, paramount.

With stickers on board displaying contactless payment, your vehicles become far less of a target to thieves, given it is unlikely that a driver will have a significant amount of cash with them.



Future-proofing your operations

The decline of cash and the surge in contactless payment is only going one way – which means that it is highly likely that at some point in the future offering contactless payment is going to be a necessity.

Upgrading to contactless payment now ensures you stay ahead of the curve rather than being forced to react further down the line.


Increased productivity

Contactless payment is swift and almost instant, meaning the days of counting out change or customers searching for that pound coin in the bottom of their pockets can be a thing of the past.

Think how much time can be saved over the course of a year by making the transaction so quick and effortless – thus maximising time to take on other jobs.

It also saves time and effort in sorting a float for drivers as well as the time-consuming task of counting up at the end of the day and getting the money to the bank.


As part of iCabbi’s extensive suite of best-in-class, innovative software solutions, our card payment terminal is effective, intuitive and cost-effective – you’ll even get your card payment for free (t’s and c’s apply).

Our dedicated and highly experienced support team can ensure you’re maximising the benefits of contactless payment and we’ll even include vehicle stickers to ensure potential customers are aware of the service you are providing.

For more information, and to learn about how iCabbi can help propel your firm to the next level, contact us today.