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How to Join iCabbi – Our Customer Journey


Customer journey is important in every business. It is a chance to reflect as a company on how your customer goes from the initial point of contact to purchasing their product or service and possibly staying as a retaining client.

So how does iCabbi work with their customers? We’re about to explain. As a client, you want to be able to know you will be truly looked after – so this process is exactly what we reflect upon when trying to give you the best services possible…

The initial point of contact

  1. With the first initial point of contact when booking a free demo – you can do this by giving us a call, email or via our website. But to get a feel for what you’re dealing with, make sure to check out the free guides, YouTube videos and useful updates on our social media. Make sure to sign up for our newsletter too to get the latest updates, news, and content! The more you know, the better.


Discovery process

  1. Because you will be handling a taxi dispatch system, it is important to recognise everything there is to know about the dispatch, driver apps and absolute basics of the taxi industry. Here at iCabbi, we will inform you as best as we can and make sure you are knowledgeable enough to understand the concept and moving forward. We will ensure you tell us all the information you know beforehand so we can work with what you know! ? – during this discussion we can go through the challenges, setbacks, and goals you’ll face and what impact they could have on your business.


  1. Within our discovery process, this is a chance for us to not only provide you with a taxi dispatch system, but we are also here to help with any challenges you may face within your taxi firm – such as spending too much time in the office, poor support, unhappy drivers and any possible system complications. Once you feel happy with the process, the team will prepare and proposal around what we will be doing together and what value we can bring to your company. We will then hand over some documents to be signed off and we can begin onboarding.


  1. You will then be introduced to your designated customer success manager Keir or Darren. Their focus will be to find ways to improve your use and experience with the dispatch system, as well as help and guide your operation to focus more on growth, winning new customers or drivers. The business team you dealt with previously to gather all your information, will plan your training, and ensure everything is where it should be going forwards. You will be in touch with the same points of contact – one thing we hate, is getting passed around and being unsure as to who to speak to.



  1. Once you are ready to start training with our onboarding team – someone will be in contact to book you in. This training programme runs over 4 half-day remote sessions with our trainer Steve. If there are any problems, make sure to contact our team so we can help you. During the training, don’t hesitate to ask as many questions as possible to ensure the dispatch system is the right fit for you. The reason why we do this training is to unearth everything you need to know before getting started – although you can walk away from this at any time. Once you have completed the training programme, you will be dedicated to an onboard specialist. To name a few experts on our team we have Danielle, Emma and Kelly. They will help you prepare and reach the point where you are ready to go live and begin your journey here at iCabbi. Typically, this can take around 4 weeks, however, it can vary depending on what suits you.



  1. After you have gone live with your taxi dispatch system, you will have full access to our support team, who are on hand via phone and email. They can help you with hundreds of articles, guides, videos, and other customer experiences to assist you to optimise the use of your new system. With the extra support, you will also have a member of the Customer Success Team – either Darren or Keir – checking in regularly to ensure everything is good and if they can help. They also record monthly webinars which you can check out on our Youtube channel here around the latest topics, new releases or challenges the industry may be facing. Your feedback is really important to us from day 1 to 1000, so please make sure to let us know how we are doing and what we can do – we are always keen to help. If you recommend us to a friend or family, in return we will give you £300 every time!



We hope our customer journey process is something you can get your hands on! If you are considering joining the iCabbi journey, make sure to contact us now and follow our social media below!