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How to attract new customers


How to attract new customers to enable your business to thrive

KYC is an acronym that is becoming increasingly prominent amongst businesses from all public-facing sectors these days.
It stands for ‘Know Your Customer’ and it has never been more important.

Retaining existing customers and attracting new ones is the holy grail for success as far as private hire and taxi companies are concerned.Yet these days, customers, or potential customers, are a lot more considered in who they give their custom to – especially the younger demographic who see competitors such as UBER as the new norm.

They want a taxi firm or private hire company to reflect their own values and offer a journey and experience that fits with them – from personal preferences to the level of convenience on offer.

At iCabbi we are ahead of the curve. We offer the insights, support, technology and products needed to propel your business to the front of people’s minds in what is a competitive market place.

Here are five ways we can help your business retain, attract and ensure your customers feel valued – setting the foundations for long-term growth and prosperity.


Automated services

Some customers may still prefer to pick up the phone and book a taxi – and we can facilitate that in a streamlined and highly effective way – but, as a general rule, younger people are looking for full automation that allows them to book on their terms on their phone and for the process to be clear, simple and intuitive.

Whether you offer such services can be the difference between losing customers or building fruitful relationships for the long-term and the expectations of clients in this area are only going to heighten moving forward.

iCabbi’s automated systems are revolutionary. From our acclaimed customer app, Interactive Voice Response (IVR) to our web booker system, we can help take your operations to the next level.


Cashless payment

The world is changing and businesses need to adapt and evolve with the times to stay ahead. If you are not offering convenient, cash-free payment options you can bet your bottom dollar your competitor is – and customers will remember this.

Cashless payment options increase the likelihood of repeat business, enhances your reputation, opens you up to a wider market and offers greater security for drivers.

Our AirPay solution offers a seamless in-car payment option and is one of a plethora of systems iCabbi offers to enhance your customers’ experiences and add to your bottom line.


Targeted customer insights

Customers want to feel valued and want a personal experience. Broad-brush promotions can work to an extent but really understanding your customer and putting your brand front-and-centre in their thoughts can be the difference between them choosing you or another company.

Through our best-in-class systems we help you better understand your customers – or potential customers – and what makes them tick to ensure you build meaningful relationships with customers who feel connected to you and will offer repeat business time and again.


Thriving culture

A positive environment is infectious. As we like to say, happy drivers result in happy customers.

iCabbi offers a range of ever-evolving solutions which make the lives of your drivers easier and offers greater work satisfaction – creating a culture of positivity where your workforce feels valued.

Such offerings include, but are not limited to, Automated Assignment; Automated Dispatch; Integrated Cashiering to ensure drivers are paid on time, every time; and Zone and Bid Visibility so your drivers know where the work is and, importantly, when it is coming.


Bespoke, tailored support

More than anything, we realise that every business is different and that targets, priorities and long-term goals vary significantly from firm to firm.

Attracting new customers is not an exact science and, rather than offering a generic one-stop-shop, our talented team work with you to understand who you are and what you need to ensure ongoing success.

At iCabbi, all our offerings – from innovative best-in-class technologies, peer collaboration to customised, tailored support – are geared to help your business succeed both now and into the future.

Contact our passionate, knowledgeable team today and join the thousands of private hire and taxi professionals that are already benefiting from our services.