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How to sell your business


From consolidation, growth to selling the business – how iCabbi can help you thrive

Given iCabbi’s unrivalled reputation for providing best-in-class solutions and software for private leasing and taxi companies, it’s easy to overlook that we are renowned for offering holistic support for businesses at all stages of their journey.

These range from fledgling organisations, those looking to consolidate, those wishing to kick-start a period of scale and growth and even those with an ambition to sell their business.

Underpinned by our unparalleled business support professionals, iCabbi is there for businesses up and down the country, whatever their unique aspirations.

Here’s why we are the go-to solution for private hire and taxi firms – whatever the short, medium or long-term objective.


Setting the foundations

It continues to be a difficult climate for businesses, not least those in the private hire and taxi sector.

The advent of Uber, Covid-19 pandemic, cost of living crisis and environmental factors are just a few reasons why the industry has been, and continues to be, faced with significant challenges.

Whether your company is just starting out, attempting to change direction and strategy or simply future-proof operations, iCabbi’s myriad of solutions and products can help businesses become more robust, less exposed to external factors outside of their control and help build a solid platform for future prosperity.

Why not take a look at the webpage below, which shows just some of the ways we can help you build resilience and set a trajectory to long-term success.


Building for growth

Growth can take a variety of forms and the pace of business acceleration varies from company to company.

That said, one element that is fundamental to growth are tangible results that boost the bottom line and leads to increased profitability.

That’s why iCabbi’s system is specifically designed with growth in mind.

From customer idea forums – which to date has already garnered over 1,500 customer ideas submitted – to customer experience apps, our Dispatch solution for real-time information, Automation, Cloud Telecom and Business Intelligence amongst others, our offerings are tailored with one overarching aim in mind – growth for your company.


A sustainable future

The private hire and taxi industry is constantly evolving and innovating, creating challenges and opportunities in equal measure.

iCabbi keeps its clients a step ahead with a whole host of solutions from top of the range integrations, best practice forums, cost-saving and profit-enhancing products and the latest innovations benefitting both employees and customers.

Our holistic approach to business ensures that a private hire or taxi firm aligned to us is not just well set for the here and now, but is built for long-term success and durability.


Selling your business

Whether you have always had designs of building up a business for sale, have spotted an opportunity, wish to spend more time with family, head in a different career direction, or are looking ahead to retirement, iCabbi’s professionals know the industry like no other.

Our team can offer invaluable advice and solutions to business owners, able to make them both aware of the sometimes complex processes required to conclude a sale including, crucially, what a business owner is liable for.

Such insights, guidance and practical support can assist greatly in ensuring a business owner’s expressed wishes are carried out to their conclusion and that a sale is completed efficiently, expediently and in line with expectations.


We all have goals for our businesses, and we all wish for our business to prosper.

For many, running a first-class operation that is attractive to investors and, ultimately, a profitable sale which recognises our years of hard work is the holy grail.

Whatever your goals and whatever your overall objective, iCabbi has the innovative, best-in-class solutions as well as the vision, experience and passion to facilitate your plans and help make your objectives a reality.

Get in touch with our friendly, dedicated and talented team today and let us help you take the next positive steps in your business’ journey.