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The benefits of using IVR


The benefits of using IVR – and why the time to implement is now

We all remember the excitement of the first time we got a mobile phone with voice recognition – shouting multiple times into the phone who you want to call… only for the phone to get it completely wrong and ring someone whose name sounded nothing like what you had instructed.

Thankfully, Instant Voice Recognition (IVR) has come a long way since then.
In the business world, and especially for taxi firms, IVR is no longer a novelty, or indeed a luxury – it’s an essential part of operations.

And when it comes to innovation and performance, iCabbi is best in class – transforming how taxi firms and operators work for the better and offering customers an enhanced experience.
Not yet exploiting the potential and power of IVR amongst your fleet? Here are five reasons why you should start, and start today.


Streamline your processes

The journey from a customer contacting you to being dropped off where they wish to go can be clunky, inconsistent and vary from job to job due to a myriad of reasons.

Implementing IVR and putting the customer in control whilst allowing drivers to access all the information they require instantaneously and unambiguously makes for a smooth process – time and time again.

If anything does go wrong, the information and data captured through IVR can identify any issues, why they may have occurred and ensure any process amends can be made to ensure best practice moving forward.


Avoid human error

We’re all human, and we all make mistakes – taxi firm operators and drivers are obviously no exception.
It may be that a customer has a particularly strong accent or that there’s simply a breakdown in communication – the time of the pick up, the destination, number of passages… there are plenty of ways a job can go wrong.

IVR cuts out the probability of human error ensuring each job is crystal clear with defined instructions inputted by the customer and accepted by the driver – saving time (and by association money) and drastically increasing the chance of a happy customer.


Gain a competitive edge

IVR continues to evolve, as does the best-in-class software offered by first-class providers such as iCabbi.

Not only will implementing IVR give you a competitive edge over competitors immediately, with innovative software already in place you can be sure that your business is able to be fleet of foot – benefiting from future advances in how taxi firms are able to operate in an ever-advancing technology-driven age.


Save money, make money

Efficiencies have always been crucial to the health of businesses and the current, challenging economic climate means there has never been a more important time to make sure every pound counts.

IVR reduces manual processes, meaning you can either save on salaries or utilise staff elsewhere in a way which can help boost the company’s bottom line – such as switching their focus to client on-boarding and promoting the business to a wider audience.


Happy employees, happy customers

By implementing IVR you are undoubtedly making the lives of your drivers easier, boosting morale and performance in the process. They will also feel valued, knowing you are investing in technology that directly benefits them.

Equally, customers will swiftly consider you a go-to destination when it comes to picking their taxi firm due to the consistent, smooth, stress-free method of making a booking.

IVR can also save and remember an individual customer’s information and past requests, making your firm a convenient and timely option for returning customers.

At iCabbi we pride ourselves on our industry-leading technology and our incomparable customer service.
Our dedicated, knowledgeable team and ready and waiting to help your business take the next step – why not contact us today and take your operations to the next level.