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Our Customer Success Team


Why our support team can be the difference for your business

iCabbi is an innovative, market-leading taxi dispatch solution worth shouting about – making a very real and tangible difference to hundreds of taxi businesses up and down the country.

However, just as it takes a driver to operate a taxi, our Customer Success Team is the true driving force behind iCabbi.

Our fully UK-based team use their extensive knowledge and insights of both the product and the industry to ensure the implementation and ongoing management of the solution is both seamless and delivers truly outstanding and ongoing results for our clients.

Whatever level of support your business requires, and whatever your unique circumstances may be, our dedicated, friendly and highly knowledgeable team can act as a constant source of support.

Here are just five reasons engaging with our Customer Success Team could provide a springboard for the future success of your business.


Tap into our industry knowledge

When you combine a truly market-leading and innovative taxi dispatch solution with outstanding customer service you end up with a very compelling proposition – a proposition that could directly benefit your business.

From dedicated onboarding personnel and technical experts in switching solutions to round-the-clock support in the form of our Reliability and Uptime team, iCabbi has all bases covered to ensure you’re taking full advantage of both our industry knowledge and products to help elevate your business to new heights.


Enjoy a tailored approach

We don’t deal in off-the-shelf integration solutions – our onboarding team works with your business to understand any nuances and ensure a smooth, effective and ultimately successful and profitable transition to taxi companies looking to evolve into a best-in-class, modern business.

Each step of the way, we’ll be on hand to work closely with you from the first fact-finding phone call to full implementation and beyond – just see as an extension of your team.


Give your business an edge

It’s easy to continue with the status quo when it comes to business strategy and processes but innovative solutions such as iCabbi can truly allow your business to scale and unleash its full potential.

With our dedicated support, your business can benefit from truly market-leading, holistic support that extends beyond what is available to you from within your company.

With the benefits of such a sounding board and expertise at your fingertips, you’re in a great position to steal a march on competitors and position yourselves as the go-to destination for customers – you’ll likely enhance staff morale too.


Maximise ROI

You’ve rightly identified the need to innovate and take your business to the next level with an industry-leading taxi dispatch solution and it’s only right that you get the very most out of the myriad benefits it can bring.

Our first-class support team will talk with you, discuss your priorities and goals and understand what success looks like for you and your business – we know no two are alike.

By moving forward with iCabbi and engaging with our highly knowledgeable team, you can rest assured safe in the knowledge that your solutions are working hard for you, with no stone unturned, and getting you the results that you desire.


Take away the hassle

Sourcing, introducing, implementing and maximising new solutions may seem daunting but for us, it’s what we do – and we’re incredibly passionate about doing it.

Rather than going it alone or putting off what could be truly revolutionary for your business, get in touch with our friendly, approachable and highly talented team and let us do the hard work for you – allowing you to get on with the job and reaping the rewards.

At iCabbi we are immensely proud of our Customer Success Team – and with good reason.

Why not contact us today to understand further how we can use our expertise and passion to take your taxi business to the next level and set you on a path to future growth.