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Adding Value to the Business


Are you and your teams unlocking its true potential?

It may sound cliché but learning and acquiring knowledge is very much a journey rather than a destination, and that view stands up in all walks of life.

It’s certainly the case when it comes to how businesses utilise and optimise iCabbi.

As a leading, innovative taxi dispatch solution, iCabbi continues to revolutionise and enhance how hundreds of taxi businesses across the UK operate.

However, imagine a Formula One car which has the potential to be the quickest on the grid but is operated by a driver not equipped with the knowledge to full optimise it – the results simply wouldn’t be what they could be.

And it’s the same with iCabbi. With fully-engaged and knowledgeable operators, your business could extract even greater value from the solution.

Here are just four reasons it could pay to review your training strategy and/or reach out for expert support.


Staff turnover

Businesses of all sizes and sectors go through a natural and continual churn of staff. As a result, the collective knowledge of a company’s employees is in a constant state of flux.

No business can afford weak links and it’s essential all employees – whether a new starter or long-serving team member – are able to access the knowledge and information they need to perform their role to the highest possible standard.

Knowledge may be acquired through handovers or from colleagues who understand the processes and systems but can you be sure your newest staff are as informed and knowledgeable as your more experienced, long-serving employees?

Regular training and support for staff can help ensure all staff are at a consistent level and feel confident and comfortable in utilising your taxi dispatch solution.


Employee engagement

There are countless studies, not to mention anecdotal evidence, which show that a happy and motivated workforce is a productive one.

Investing in top class training and support for your employees – no matter what level of the business they operate in – shows that you care about their development and gives them the knowledge and tools to feel confident in how they are operating iCabbi – reducing any related stress in the process.

Not only is this good for staff morale and, ultimately, productivity, it reflects well on the business’s reputation too and, in a highly competitive industry, marks your company out as a great place to work.


Staying ahead of the curve

Technology, solutions and best practice are constantly evolving and if training within your group of staff hasn’t taken place for a period of time, it’s likely that there are new insights to be gleaned which could further enhance your operations and lead to even greater results.

What’s more, the knowledge of staff can dwindle over time and bad habits can even be formed – consider how differently many of us drive now compared to when we took our driving test.

A round of training for staff can help reinforce best practice, refresh knowledge and offer an opportunity for staff to ask any questions they may not otherwise feel comfortable in raising.


Maximising Return on Investment

Ultimately, iCabbi is a multi-faceted, market-leading solution which can benefit taxi businesses with fleets of all sizes.

Given this solution can be tailored to suit your business’s unique needs – and that we are renowned for our customer service and support solutions – it literally pays to ensure this powerful tool is maximised to its fullest effect.

So, whether you’re after specific support or wider training for staff, engaging with our team can leave you confident that you are utilising iCabbi to its fullest – both now and in the future.

Here at iCabbi, we are renowned for our investment in our clients and passion for delivering exemplary support and solutions.

With a friendly and experienced team dedicated to all aspects of iCabbi – including training – why not get in touch today to understand how we can assist in ensuring you are extracting maximum value, whilst empowering and motivating your workforce in the process.