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ETGL’s iCabbi Webinars – How to best use the iCabbi Taxi Dispatch Software in the UK


In the UK, automated taxi dispatch software is really taking off! There are plenty of systems that are available, but not many that rival the cloud-based solutions on offer from iCabbi. At ETGL, your iCabbi provider, we have put together some explainer videos which would help you to make more of your taxi software and solutions.

Making the most of the iCabbi taxi dispatch software in the UK

Below is the list of the latest webinars we have produced here at ETGL. Get in touch with us here if you would like to hear feedback on what else we can advise on to improve your taxi business.

iCabbi Voice+ and Recognition

The ETGL team are back and are determined to talk you through all things iCabbi Voice and the enhanced updates that come along with it. Automate your fleet management with our state-of-the-art taxi dispatch software, ideal for you and your taxi drivers. Keep them happy with iCabbi!

View our latest video below:

Avoid overbooking your drivers during busy periods

Avoid overbooking your fleet of taxi drivers during busy periods. That’s what the latest ETGL webinar is all about!

We know what it can be like. A surge of bookings can come at once and passengers end up waiting too long for a driver to arrive. They expected a couple of minutes, and have been waiting for the driver for over 10. This is not good for your taxi fleet or your taxi company. Fortunately, using the automated taxi dispatch software on offer from iCabbi, there are steps you can take to ensure you do not have any unhappy passengers.

View the ETGL webinar on how to avoid overbooking your fleet below:

Utilising the iCabbi surge pricing tool

Many local taxi companies thrive on the busy periods for punters and passengers. Christmas, Easter and school holidays alike are all busy times and taxi drivers and companies will want to make the most of the busy periods.

Surge pricing is a great way to take advantage of busy periods. It will also help you to attract and retain taxi drivers, as they know that with the automated taxi software on offer, they’ll be getting their fair share of the profits. Working in busy times can be stressful, so make sure your drivers know they appreciate it by upping your prices fairly. It will also help your business to grow and you’ll be able to pay them more!

View the webinar on surge pricing which the ETGL team put together below:

Split invoice commissions using iCabbi taxi solutions

We touched on treating your drivers fairly earlier on in the page and this is something we are a big believer in at ETGL. Using the iCabbi taxi dispatch software for fleets all over the UK, we work tirelessly with taxi companies to ensure their drivers are happy with the support they receive.

The webinar below talks all about the benefits of the dispatch engine on offer and which taxi solutions can help. Using split invoice commissions tools, these tips can help to automate your business, thus streamlining it and making sure you have the most efficient taxi company it can be.

Check out our webinar on split invoice commissions below.

UK Taxi Dispatch Software – 10 tips to help you navigate busy periods

Whilst surge pricing may help to take advantage of the busy periods, iCabbi UK taxi dispatch software can also help you navigate the busy times. Whilst the busy periods mean you are making plenty of money, you don’t want to overstretch yourself and lose out on valuable passengers or journeys.

Keir and Darren from Exel Technology Group put together 10 helpful tips to help you navigate busy periods, using the iCabbi taxi software on offer. Whether it be the driver app, the passenger app or the whole dispatch engine, all these tips will help ensure you navigate the busy periods safely.

See our top ten tips on using the iCabbi dispatch engine below:

Taxi Dispatch Software UK – Learn more about using Voice APIs

Optimise your taxi fleets with voice APIs. The taxi solutions provided by iCabbi to fleets in the UK can help make life easier for your taxi company. Getting the best out of your fleet is important, regardless of the size of the taxi fleet.

You can view the ETGL explainer on iCabbi Voice APIs below.

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