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5 reasons you need taxi dispatch software to help deal with the surge in demand for taxis


2022 is the year for the taxi. The demand is back and if you are managing a taxi fleet, you need to be as prepared as you can! Manage your drivers and make your company as efficient as possible with the right taxi dispatch software. Choose iCabbi’s taxi solutions to see how we can help and develop your company to be as efficient as possible. Below are 5 reasons why we think you need taxi dispatch software to help your taxi fleet cope with the surge in demand for taxis.

1) Taxi Dispatch Software Provides Your Fleet With Efficiency

Think of all the times you have sat there, thinking of ways to cut costs and provide a better working life for your drivers. All companies have admin and paperwork, but the way the digital age has come about, it is just as important that taxi companies do the same. That is why iCabbi have worked seamlessly to provide taxi software that allows taxi businesses to streamline their work. With voice recognition and state-of-the-art GPS, your taxi drivers can have anything they need at their fingertips. Not only does this bring happiness to the driver, but it also means that there is a reduced need for admin in your business.

Cutting costs and bringing efficiency to your fleet through automated software is something iCabbi can help you with. Check out our iCabbi webinars on YouTube to see what cloud-based shortcuts we can help you with!

2) You can save money for your taxi business

Whilst we have talked about the need for efficiency, this comes hand in hand with cutting costs. Using cloud-based and automatic software, the need for admin staff is reduced. It also limits the interaction between dispatchers and drivers, as well as drivers and passengers. With passengers ordering and booking their journeys through the app you can have for your company, the need for paperwork and dispatchers is reduced.

With fewer employees needed and less manual paperwork required for the existing staff, your outgoings are reduced. You will also not need to splash out on an office for your staff. Whilst taxi journeys are coming back into fashion, remote working is also still popular. With staff having your admin at their fingertips thanks to the cloud, the cost-cutting measures can begin with the iCabbi taxi dispatch software.

3) Increase the happiness of your taxi drivers

Having automated taxi software for your business also increases the happiness of your drivers. This not only provides a better working environment but also allows for the growth of your fleet. As a business owner, your fleet will only grow if drivers want to stay, not leave.

The reason taxi drivers want to stay? If they are still dealing with manual dispatchers then there is sometimes still the accusation of bias and favouritism. With automated software, that isn’t the case anymore. The software simply helps to choose the best driver for the best job. It takes into account the distance that the driver is from the pickup destination and how accessible they are. If taxi drivers know this, they know they will be treated fairly and will earn their fair share of the fare. This particular webinar on iCabbi split invoice commissions is a great explainer on how you can ensure your taxi drivers feel happier about working for your taxi fleet.

4) It can give you the edge over your competitors

iCabbi not only provide state-of-the-art taxi dispatch software, we go that little bit further. The whole iCabbi taxi dispatch engine has so many facets that taxi fleet owners don’t even know about. The software provides you with an app on which you can implement your logo. That means that you get public visibility. Your brand is out there and if your drivers are doing a good job, you are likely to get chosen over your competitors.

Not only do you get visibility, but the passenger app that comes as part of the software is also user friendly. As we mentioned earlier, it is 2022 and in the digital age, being able to order a taxi using an app is a lot easier than talking to a manual dispatcher on the phone. Thanks to Uber, journey booking apps are now the norm, and it is important that as a taxi fleet you keep up to date with them.

5) iCabbi taxi dispatch software provides little to no downtime

The problem with going online is that many businesses fear that there will be downtime. If a taxi company is run manually, then a taxi fleet owner likes to think that their staff will always be on the other end of the phone and the drivers will be easily reachable. However, the iCabbi cloud-based software has little to no downtime.

You can view all you need to know about the trusted software here. We are very open about our stats and reliability, so much that we have set up a live feed for you to read here.

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