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An automated taxi dispatch system – Why you need it for 2022?


In 2022, if you are looking to grow your taxi business, you need to have a look at an automated taxi dispatch system. If it is cloud-based, then that’s even better! Do you know what includes both? iCabbi’s taxi dispatch solutions and software. This powerful auto-dispatch software will save your taxi company both time and money. Below, we explain how:

Managing your drivers with an automated taxi system

iCabbi’s taxi dispatch solutions make it easier to manage your drivers and their journeys, all from one place. Our taxi dispatch solution is easy to use, is well known for its reliability and provides you with a greater insight into how your taxi company can grow. If you’ve identified the problems or potential pitfalls in your business, we can provide the solutions.

Driver loyalty

For example, if your issue is driver loyalty, which is quite common in the taxi industry, then we can help. A lot of drivers will move around taxi companies because they feel unfairly treated. In a sense, they think they can make more money elsewhere. This may be because they feel other drivers are preferred by manual dispatch operators. With automated taxi dispatch systems, you can take that aspect out and make a driver feel at ease. There is no bias. It simply helps to choose the best driver for that journey. Location and availability are taken into account. This way, a driver will know that any journey has been chosen for the most suitable driver.

iCabbi driver app

The iCabbi driver app allows this functionality and much more. Due to key functions and tips like surge pricing during busy hours, you can help the drivers earn more money than they are likely to elsewhere. Christmas may have just gone but there are plenty more busy holidays coming up and surge pricing is one key feature which will keep your drivers happy.

It’s also easy to use for both drivers and admin staff. Jobs will be allocated fairly, quickly and efficiently to the appropriate driver. What else could a driver want? Essentially, it limits the need to manage the busy times without recruiting the extra staff. The idea of an automated taxi dispatch system is to help you reduce costs, not increase them.

Managing your passengers

As we have mentioned many times on our blog, the normal passenger just wants to get from A to B. Prices will be a factor and you will need to manage these alongside your competitors, but more on that later. They essentially just want to be able to book a taxi and it turns up on time. Next, they want to be safely delivered at their destination. Is this as easy it sounds? It can be with an automated taxi dispatch solution and the right software. There are a variety of options to choose from when it comes to iCabbi software, and the passenger app is just one.

iCabbi passenger app

The iCabbi passenger app is perfect for any taxi companies who are looking to go one step further with their business. Whether it is a rebrand or just to provide a better experience for customers, there are plenty of options available.

When Uber burst on the scene with their app, the world went crazy for it. Well now, the taxi sector is fighting back and lots of taxi companies are providing a state-of-the-art service to passengers. Easy to use booking apps and transparency in prices are just some of the plus points of the iCabbi passenger app. Gone are the days when a passenger would spend time looking for phone numbers and waiting to get through to an operate.

Now, a simple app which provides cost, estimated journey time, estimated arrival time and even transparency on who the driver is could propel your taxi business upwards. Take a look here at what else is on offer with the passenger app. You’ll also see how easy it is to use!

Pricing solutions

We touched on surge pricing earlier on in the blog but that’s not the only bonus of iCabbi taxi software. Your ability to be flexible with pricing will give you an advantage against other taxi companies in your zone. You want to be able to own your zone and beat off any rivals with competitive pricing points. Monitor passenger trends and price your journeys accordingly.

Automated Taxi Dispatch System with iCabbi

Modernise your taxi business with a complete dispatch solution. You can save time, reduce costs and essentially own your patch with iCabbi. With it being an automated cloud-based taxi solution, you will be able to reach all of your drivers and passengers without all the ‘fiddly bits’. Everything you need will be at your fingertips.

Accessibility, flexibility, and also reliability are the key components of any successful business, and it is no different in the taxi world. Learn more about iCabbi taxi software by viewing our automated taxi dispatch solutions page.

Don’t just take our word for it

Not only does our software provide a great experience for all clients and customers, but the service we offer comes highly recommended from our customers. This review below is one example of what it is like to work with us. From our Customer Success Executives to our Software team, you can only expect the best with iCabbi UK.

Goldline Cabs reviewed iCabbi's automated taxi dispatch system and software

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