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How can an automated taxi dispatch system grow your business?


An automated taxi dispatch system can revolutionise your taxi business to the extent that you become a leader in your own zone. Attracting passengers is a key fundamental to growing your taxi firm. In 2021, the time is now here for your taxi company to be in the digital age.

Not only does an automated dispatch system remove paperwork, but it also makes your drivers and employees’ jobs so much easier. At iCabbi UK we have seen a range of taxi fleets to the dispatch software. We are convinced by the end of this article, you will want to request a FREE demo on the iCabbi software.

What is an automated taxi dispatch system?

It is pretty simple really. It does what it says on the tin. iCabbi software automates taxi dispatch processes for your business. The whole dispatch engine from iCabbi can help your business. Discover more about each individual asset by clicking here.

With each facet of the dispatch engine, you can see how it would make life easier for your drivers and staff. No more driver complaints saying that the staff operating the phone lines are favouring other drivers. Every driver would be given a fair chance to earn as much money as they can. In turn, this would keep them happy and loyal.

Additionally, there are all the niche aspects that you can’t do with a dispatch system. Surge pricing and scheduled tariffs are great examples. If you know there is going to be a busy time and you want to cash in, then it makes sense to raise your prices in line with your competitors. Even raising tariffs by £1 per journey can lead to a driver reaping the rewards for that month. It would be crazy to miss out.

Efficient taxi dispatch engine

As mentioned, there are many reasons why you would want to automate your taxi dispatch processes. Helping you to cover all bases is the iCabbi taxi dispatch engine. Below are just some of the reasons why our customers love it.

The iCabbi software efficiently streamlines your fleet’s administration with payment, billing and record management. This is all available to see in our automated taxi dispatch software Free Guide download pack, but there is plenty more to shout about.

If you have a taxi fleet of numerous drivers, you don’t want to be stuck managing them all at different times. With an automated system, you can manage multiple fleets on one simple to use the system. The fact that it is automated and a cloud-based taxi dispatch system lets you enjoy the convenience of digital online storage and administration. If you’ve never been a paperwork fan then this will be ideal for you. As the owner of a taxi business, you don’t even have to manage your fleet.

Automated software

One of the other bonuses about the taxi dispatch engine on offer from iCabbi is how it reduces both time and cost. It will save you money in terms of administration. The engine does your admin for you! What’s more, it is 99.99% reliable. There is very little downtime and you will always have the business at your fingertips. For any entrepreneurs, as most taxi business owners are, this is perhaps one of the most convenient facets.

Furthermore, you can (if you want to) work with third-party apps. You can decide who can have access to your taxi dispatch system backend. It’s completely up to you. Depending on their status, you can provide users and administrators with total access, or they can be restricted to that particular area of admin they work in.

Why iCabbi’s automated taxi dispatch system?

Obviously, we believe in our own systems and how it benefits your business. But we do want the best for you. That’s why we are talking about the benefits of iCabbi’s automated taxi dispatch system. It is one of the most advanced dispatch systems in the world.

Don’t just take our word for it though, Top Cars thought the same about our services. Rating the software and service they receive, they gave us A+++ in their own words, not ours! See more iCabbi software testimonials by clicking on the graphic below!

Top Cars iCabbi testimonial regarding automated taxi dispatch system

Get in touch about a FREE demo of the iCabbi automated taxi dispatch software by getting in touch with us here. Alternatively, call us on 01623 44 22 11. We’d love to help you out here at iCabbi UK.