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How Taxi Dispatch Solutions are Revolutionising the Taxi Industry


In the current climate, taxis have a pivotal part to play in getting people to their destination safely. Gone are the days when taxis had to be pre-booked well in advance. With the technology now available to taxi businesses, drivers are at the company and customer’s disposal whenever they can be available. Essentially, thanks to taxi dispatch solutions, taxi drivers and journeys are available at the click of a button. Here’s why this software is bringing the taxi industry into a completely new place!

The Passenger App will bring your passengers happiness

At the end of the day, the future of a taxi company is reliant on a passenger. If there are no passengers needing a ride then there are no journeys for taxi drivers to make. That’s why a passenger app is so important. iCabbi’s passenger app has its own benefits but there are some general things to note about passengers and what they would look for.

Try and give the passenger a unique experience. One that they can trust as well. Don’t just tell them that the taxi is 5 minutes away, show them with vehicle tracking for example. The best passenger app would allow easy and fast bookings, as well as provide time and price estimates for taxi firms. Allowing passengers to rate their journey and driver also means that you can compete with companies like Uber…

Taxi Dispatch Solutions provides the ability to automate your business

Taxi dispatch solutions like the ones on offer from iCabbi will help you to grow your business. With taxi dispatch software, driver apps and passenger apps, there’s no reason why you couldn’t optimise the firm with the most cost-effective tools.

With this type of software, it is in the data. You can get data on pretty much anything. Learn if any of your drivers are not receiving any bookings. Plus, and this is really important, you can work out the habits and perhaps even preferences of your passengers. Through the passenger app and other software, as a taxi firm, there is nothing you will not know about. If it involves an area where bigger rides are usually required, you can ensure you lay on the perfect journey to clients.

Build your brand with branded taxi dispatch solutions

With iCabbi, you can build your brand. As a taxi business, you want a reputable brand to build your customer base. Every image you put out on your social media and in your newsletters needs to be on-brand with your company. You want people to associate your images with your brand. This is something that taxi firms are getting on board with and it is bringing great results. The iCabbi software actually allows you to deliver your own brand on app stores like Google. It is as close to free marketing as you could get.

It’s also important that you analyse the market. If every other taxi business is developing its own brand, then you want yours to still stand out. Gain insights from companies that can provide a different perspective on what customers would want. You want to be associated with happy drivers, a fun and interactive social approach, as well as a happy passenger. Five stars don’t just happen by accident!

Embracing change within the industry

Not everybody likes change. It can be scary. Whether it is a transition to cashless payments, drivers having to wear masks, or dispatches being automated rather than drivers having a good relationship with their dispatch staff. However, it is important for taxi businesses to embrace changes like these. Plus, there are plenty of taxi dispatch solutions to help you embrace the change. iCabbi offer many different taxi dispatch solutions and various types of software that help you keep up with any changes in the industry.

It is important to remain relevant but don’t be a sheep. Stand out with iCabbi who have a simple solution.

Keep your drivers and passengers happy and your business will grow. Help them to make more money with more journeys, whilst also making it as smooth and easy as possible for the passenger.