At iCabbi, We Believe System Updates Should be Regular, Automatic and FREE… Request a Quote Contact Customer Support

At iCabbi, We Believe System Updates Should be Regular, Automatic and FREE…


The New Year has well and truly begun, and you’ll be working hard to grow your business and become more profitable in 2019.

But is your dispatch system helping you with great, free updates that make you more efficient and more popular with your drivers and customers?

If not, maybe it’s time to consider switching to iCabbi.

The iCabbi Way…

At iCabbi, we believe that all our customers should get the latest updates applied without any disruption or hassle – and that they should be included completely free of charge. 

No surprise invoices; no hidden extras.

That way you get the tools, service and support you need to really take your taxi business to the next level in 2019.

A better dispatch system means, great efficiency, happier customers and greater profits for your business.  

Here’s a summary of the 5 newest udates iCabbi have released…

1. Take Me There – Help your drivers work in a specific area

2. Estimated Destination – Drivers nowsee the customers last 3 zone journeys

3. Default Tips – Driver tips can now be made via the customer app

4. Site Profiles – Helps you distribute lucrative jobs fairly

5. Messages in Background – Drivers’ messages won’t pop-up over their navigation or meter screen

In some more detail…

1. Take Me There 

Many drivers want to work in specific parts of your area or want to work their way toward specific areas during, or towards the end, of their shift. 

When Take Me There is active, iCabbi Dispatch will filter jobs that are offered to drivers and only send that driver jobs that will take the driver at least 20% closer to the zone he wants to get to.

For example, if a driver wants to go to a zone 5 miles away, and there is a booking with a destination 4 miles away, the driver will be offered the booking. 

The number of times a day a driver can activate this feature is limited by dispatch configuration. 

2. Estimated Destination Based on Customer’s History 

With some bookings, the destination is not always captured at the time of booking. 

Having bookings with no destination means operators don’t know where their drivers are going or where they will be at certain times during the day. 

With Estimated Destinations, drivers will be presented with the passenger’s top 3 zone destinations when updating a booking so they can easily select the destination and begin the journey. 

This will reduce the amount of interaction required with the driver app. 
For business owners, operators and controllers, knowing the passenger’s destination will allow for improved fleet managed and better passenger service. 

For a passenger travelling to a new destination, the drop off address will be added to their customer record meaning the destination is available to the driver for the passengers next journey. 

3. Default Tips 

Available to all fleets who would like their drivers to receive a tip for trips booked on a credit card through the Passenger App.

By enabling Default Tips from within the Passenger App, passengers can decide what percentage of the total fare they would like to add as a tip for any credit card bookings made through the App. 

This means drivers will receive their tip in a seamless way, while reducing the friction of the passenger needing to pay a tip in cash at the end of the ride. 

4. Site Profiles for Long Job Rota

To help distribute long jobs fairly and consistently, Site Profiles were created to allow each driver to have a profile of Sites they are happy to cover.    

The latest improvement is to add a filter that will show drivers based on their Primary, Backup and All Site profiles when using the Long Job Rota. 

The Dispatch will use the Primary filter as default but if they cannot find a suitable driver they can filter by Backup and eventually All Sites if needed. 

5. Messages in the Background 

Many businesses use messages, and scheduled messages to make drivers aware of trips that are available, busy areas, company notices etc. 

In cases of heavy use, the logic behind messages can be an issue i.e. driver receives too many messages which pop-up over their navigation or meter when on a trip. 

For fleets that send a lot of messages, a new configuration has been added to suppress messages and prevent them from appearing over the navigation or meter while on a trip i.e. when the driver status is BOOKED. 

In addition to this, the configuration also prevents messages more than 2 hours old appearing for drivers who were offline when the message was sent. 

This will prevent drivers from receiving messages which are no longer relevant to them.

Constant improvement, free updates and fixes

When you choose iCabbi’s taxi dispatch system, you’ll always benefit from the very latest features and technology available – all without any extra upfront charges or unexpected invoices in the future. 

These are, in most cases, minor issues that are reported by users as and when they come across them.

This is all part of the service provided by iCabbi and does not incur any additional charges sometimes levied by other taxi dispatch system providers.  

To discover all of the many features offered by iCabbi, why not request a free demonstration?

Or if you have questions, please call us now on 01623 44 22 11 or send an email to and we’ll get back to you.