Regular Dispatch System Updates are Important, But Sometimes They Come With a Nasty Surprise… Request a Quote Contact Customer Support

Regular Dispatch System Updates are Important, But Sometimes They Come With a Nasty Surprise…


Regular updates are essential to ensure that your dispatch system stays current and includes all the latest benefits that technology offers.

And that’s one of the big benefits of a modern app-based dispatch system because the developers can immediately apply updates without you needing to upload the latest version. 

However, with some dispatch system there is a nasty sting in the tail – your new updates are automatically applied and you then get an invoice for the updates, completely out of the blue.

At iCabbi we don’t think that’s fair.

System updates – the iCabbi way…

iCabbi believes that the only way to deliver the very best taxi dispatch system available, is that you should get the latest updates applied without any disruption or hassle – and they should be included for free.

After all, Apple and Samsung don’t charge you every time your phone updates its operating system!

Here are just a few of the many free updates iCabbi has released in 2018…

  • Route on Email Receipts

    When a driver completes a street hire they are prompted to enter the customer’s email address for the booking receipt.When the customer then receives the booking receipt by email, a map is displayed in the email but often did not contain the driver’s route at the time the email was sent.This is now displayed as standard on the customer receipt and provides more clarity on the route taken when an issue arises.
  • Promotion Codes on Dispatch

    Promotion Codes have recently been implemented in the iCabbi Passenger App.As part of this project, iCabbi partnered with a specialist in the voucher campaign, distribution, and redemption field, Voucherify.Promotion codes can be distributed to passengers for use, and customers can now add these codes directly to the iCabbi Passenger App or quote them to an operator when making a booking over the phone.
  • Driver Earnings: Greater Flexibility on Commission Charges

    The previous calculation of driver rent was based on the total value of the job/s, including any additional route costs.The new method of calculation will allow the fleet to prevent certain charges (like tolls) contributing to the drivers earnings.Example: a drivers completes a job of £20 which included £5 added as a result of a charging zone. This new method calculation would prevent the £5 charge being included in the job total.This feature update is expected to allow for a fairer rent policy by removing unavoidable charges from contributing to driver rent.
  • Paused Booking to be shown on Driver App

    Currently if you pause a booking on dispatch it is not shown on the driver app.This feature enhancement allows administrators to show paused bookings on the driver app on a zone by zone basis.
  • Push Notifications

    In order to keep customers who have booked through the Passenger App informed of their booked taxis whereabouts, notifications will be automatically pushed to their Passenger App.This feature replaced the previous SMS status functionality experienced by Passenger App users. As the number of SMS messages sent will be reduced, it is expected taxi firms will see a cost reduction as a result of using push notifications.This will improve efficiency throughout the system, reduce friction with a user friendly experience, while potentially increasing the automation for the taxi company owner.

Constant improvement and free updates

iCabbi are constantly looking for ways to improve their system, and every month new ideas are considered, discussed and scheduled for inclusion where there are clear benefits to customers.

This means that when you choose iCabbi’s taxi dispatch system, you’ll always benefit from the very latest features and technology available – all without any extra upfront charges or unexpected invoices in the future.

Constant support fixes

As well as providing improved features and enhanced system performance. the iCabbi updates also resolve any small bugs that can impact the way the day-to-day operation of the system.

These are, in most cases, minor issues that are reported by users as and when they come across them.

This is all part of the service provided by iCabbi and does not incur any additional charges sometimes levied by other taxi dispatch system providers.

To discover all of the many features offered by iCabbi, why not request a free demonstration?

Or if you have questions, please call us now on 01623 44 22 11 or send an email to and we’ll get back to you.